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The 15, 18′, 22′ and 40′ dome sizes have floor plans showing only one story; however any of the dome sizes can be designed without a second floor.

To assist in the understanding of the dome geometry, below you will find floor planners and elevation views for each size dome showing possible locations for installation of your locally purchased doors and windows Your doors and windows are installed under structural awnings called entryways and dormers that extend out from the dome.

The radar sensor itself doesn’t require any parts other than a crystal and its loading capacitors.

A LDO takes care of the 1.8 V required by the A111.

To view an article which covers why build a geodesic dome for your new home that summarizes the major info about the Aidome building system and component panel, please click on Why Build a Geodesic Dome.

If you do not see a stock plan to fit your lifestyle, Ai can design modified or custom dome plans from your sketches and notes at the same discount as our stock plans which is currently a 25% discount.

And the DVM Podcast Empire can help with the most targeted CPM solution you’ve ever experienced.

On the first floor of American Ingenuity’s three frequency dome home kits 30′ thru 48′, can be designed to contain doors and windows.

Each entryway can contain 2-3 French Doors or large windows or a combination of doors and windows providing ample light and ventilation into your dome house.

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  1. For his Hackaday Prize entry, Ted Yapo is building a Robot Radar Module breakout board. His design uses the A111 60 GHz pulsed coherent radar PCR.

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