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Large numbers of amber LYSOL bottles bear this triangle mark. There is disagreement on how long the “W over T inside triangle” mark continued to be embossed on containers, some stating the triangle mark was used on bottles up to 1969, which I doubt.

This car runs and drives like it did over a century ago. For more information on this 1917 Oldsmobile Model 45A roadster for sale, please call our showroom at 623-900-4884 or email us at [email protected] Settle into the black interior (and put your mother-in-law in the rear passenger compartment! We'll guarantee you won't see another one at your local car show or cruise night. This rolling automotive history is sure to gather a crowd wherever you take it. Whitall Tatum produced very large quantities of bottles and fruit jars throughout much of the mid- and late 19th century.Pharmacy, druggist, barber, perfume, chemical and other types of bottles in various colors and styles were produced, and some of them are now avidly sought by antique bottle collectors. & Co.” on the base generally date from approximately 1875 to around 1901, and are most frequently found in a good-quality clear (colorless) glass.Mileage: 5,000 ( since rebuilt ) Gateway Classic Cars of Scottsdale is proud to offer this rare 1917 Oldsmobile Model 45A for sale in our Arizona showroom. This well-preserved motorcar is a nice example of a rarely seen V8 model.This blue with black fenders roadster is an early example of the innovative cars Oldsmobile was building after General Motors purchased the company from R. The flathead V8 was certainly way ahead of its time.In the 1900s and on into the 1920s and 1930s Whitall Tatum continued to produce large quantities of bottles of many types, sizes, and colors.W-T manufactured bottles that were sold and used by a large number and variety of product manufacturers, especially those making and packaging “brand name” medicines, remedies, cleaning products, flavorings, chemicals, cosmetics, lotions, etc. A.” may or may not be embossed along with the mark.There were two locations used by Whitall Tatum, first the original site (upper works) located in Millville proper, and later the “lower works” in South Millville (formerly known as Schetterville).Eventually the South Millville site would become center of activity for the glassworks.


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