You can find the announcement of the DJGPP port of GCC-5.5.0 also at Google Groups with links to all the downloads.

Laaca recently announced "After a quite long period I prepared a new version of my unicode (and not unicode) text editor and image viewer Blocek." Features include: - fixed graphical glitch causing garbage in some circumstancies when opening a new window - mouse sometimes caused noticeable slowdown of program - reenabled the char typing using ALT - fixed crash when "word wrapping" on empty file was selected implemented function keys CTRL right arrow and CTRL left arrow implemented function CTRL A (select all) CTRL Del deletes selected block selected blocks are now visible just in the text program language can be switched directly from menu system (no manual editing of conf.

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It doesn’t cost anything to download and use Free DOS.

While Apple was busy announcing the i Phone 5, it left out mention of whether the device would use the recently approved (and Apple-designed) nano-SIM standard.

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