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The passengers, Parrish paired with Quince, Drew with Susan, file off the rooftop through a door which opens into an elevator. ELEVATOR, NEW YORK CITY - DAY Parrish, Susan, Drew and Quince face forward as they ride downwards. A respectful silence, the elevator continues downwards, suddenly the Voice intrudes again: VOICE (V.

34TH STREET HELIPAD, NEW YORK CITY - DAY The AStar lands, an attendant, waiting with a luggage cart, rushes to open the door and unload the bags. I want you to sing with rapture and dance like a dervish.' Parrish grunts bizarrely, Susan notices and reacts: SUSAN What is it, Daddy --? Parrish's eyes dart about, confirming no one has heard a thing but him.

Update -- we're con- structing the number '65' on the barge, archers from the State College at New Paltz will shoot flaming arrows at it, when it catches fire it will give us the effect of a Viking funeral with none of the morbidity...

Parrish smiles complaisantly, they continue on into a break- fast room where SUSAN, 30, Parrish's younger daughter, is grazing at a table laden with cereals and fruits and coffee.

SUSAN Uh oh -- PARRISH Susan, you're a hell of a woman. If you don't start with that, what are you going to end up with? Find someone you can love like crazy and who'll love you the same way back. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love -- well, you haven't lived a life at all. PARRISH Listen, I'm crazy about the guy -- He's smart, he's aggressive, he could carry Parrish Communications into the 21st century and me along with it. Not an ounce of excitement, not a whisper of a thrill, this relationship has all the passion of a pair of titmice. I want you to sing with rapture and dance like a dervish. PARRISH Forget about me and Mom -- are you going to marry him? PARRISH Well, I wasn't going to say that -- SUSAN What were you going to say? SUSAN You're not listening -- PARRISH Oh yes, I am. Just as Drew removes color-coded folders from his attache case and spreads them out for Parrish on his tray table, the pilot waves to Drew, indicating 'phone call'. He peers up ahead at Drew, on the telephone and gesticulat- ing intensely, right at home in the cockpit despite the CHOP of the blades and the pilot pressed up against him. Drew ushers everybody on, first Parrish, then Susan and Quince, Drew the last to climb on, shuts the door behind him As Allison hurries away from the whirling rotors. ASTAR HELICOPTER - DAY The configuration of seats has Drew beside Parrish, in front of them Quince and Susan opposite each other in single seats. PARRISH Oh, the President's got better things to do than come to my birthday party. Parrish grins, continues on, is intercepted by Allison who, on catching sight of him, bounces in from the terrace. PARRISH Hi, Allison -- ALLISON Have you got a minute? The Hudson River Authority says, for you, they'll make a special dispensation - of course there'll be an overtime bill for the Poughkeepsie Fire Dept... Although asleep, there is an uncommon restlessness to him. Now the severity of the pain wakes him, he squeezes his arm. Parrish blinks, has he heard something, has he not, he is not sure, he releases his arm, his grimace of pain fades, the discomfort seems momentarily to have subsided. As he pees, a breeze outside the window, the wind again, but then the Voice comes up: VOICE (V. It is unmistakably a Voice, it is not the wind, Parrish has heard something, he looks around, but no one is there. All beweild- ered, Parrish looks around once more, climbs back into bed, trying to trace the source of what he has heard or hasn't heard; he is not sure. Parrish sits up again, frightened, but still there is no one there, he seems fraught with indecision, should he get up, should he not, what is happening? BACK FARTHER TO REVEAL an expanse of river, up the bank to massive lawn running up to a great, classic Hudson River manor house; the country estate of William Parrish. PARRISH COUNTRY ESTATE - AM MOVE THROUGH French doors that lead from a wide terrace into an expansive living room, DOWN wide corridors lined with Bierstadt and Cole paintings, the Hudson River School, mists and trees and small boats and distant humans. PARRISH BEDROOM - AM MOVE THROUGH the doorway to reveal a master bedroom furnish- ed with exquisite simplicity, revelatory of its sleeping occupant, WILLIAM PARRISH, 64, a warm but commanding face, a man of maturity yet who exudes a glow of enthusiasm. M E E T J O E B L A C K Screenplay by Bo Goldman -------------------------------------------------------------- EXT. Ubiquitous is ALLISON, 35, Parrish's older daughter, foremen competing for her attention and she relishing every moment. PAINTER The big tent, Miss Allison -- ALLISON Paint is rust and moss green. The wind comes up, through the wind a VOICE is heard distantly, or is it the wind itself: VOICE (V. He pulls the covers up now, not a SOUND, tries to close his eyes. He looks out: absolute stillness and silence, CRICKETS chirp down by the river, a light FLICKERS from a shadboat, Parrish closes his eyes but then they flutter open, he glances up at the ceiling and finally, exhausted, falls back asleep. REAR TERRACE, PARRISH COUNTRY ESTATE - NEXT MORNING The great lawn infested with workmen, planting stakes, un- rolling a huge canvas tent, gardeners fashioning topiary and adding landscaping of their own, crews setting up platforms, speakers, lights.


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