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Given the advanced years of both my mother and my uncle, a feeding tube was not a viable solution.If a 30-year-old required a feeding tube in order to survive, it might be a viable solution.If the fluid is administered too fast it can cause regurgitation.If the head of the bed is not maintained the patient can aspirate the regurgitated fluid into the lungs which can lead to death.Our family has been through the wringer in the past few weeks.First my mother died, and then her brother died five days later.

This is not true for the patient with a feeding tube.

Two months before my mother’s death, she broke her hip and underwent a partial hip replacement.

Following the surgery, she stopped eating and was drinking very little.

The liquid must be inserted slowly to avoid complications and could take as long as an hour for a patient to ingest the fluid. For most of us, the best part of a meal is enjoying the food we are eating.

Who doesn’t love a perfectly cooked steak, or a succulent lobster tail?


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