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Julie Genovese, author of the memoir Nothing Short of Joy, is one — she met her husband at a holistic health fair where they were both volunteering.

She was initially worried he wouldn't like her because he was average-sized, but he gave her his phone number, came over for dinner, and they've been together ever since.

He couldn't find a job in the area, and he didn't get along with her friends; they ended up breaking up.

Becky says some average-sized people think LPA conventions are "a big orgy," maybe because they've seen little people in porn.

" Her son replied calmly, "oh yeah, she's a dwarf." Genovese was proud of the way he said it, like it was just another piece of information.

She had a crush on one boy for seven years, but never acted on it.

Things changed when she got to college and started going to events hosted by the organization Little People of America (LPA): she started getting a lot more attention from men who were also little people.

They met at an LPA convention, and though they talk every night, they've only spent about three weeks together in person.

Becky says they'll give it another year before one of them relocates so they can be together — she and her last boyfriend, who she also met at a convention, moved in together more quickly, and it put a lot of pressure on the relationship.


  1. Are men open to seriously dating a woman who is a Little Person Dwarf Page 1 of 1 I have been on dating sights for about a year now. I consider myself to be a beautiful, educated, loving & successful woman.

  2. Julie Genovese is a little person in a large world that some say can look down on people with dwarfism. Growing up in New Jersey, Genovese said she endured bullies and stares, and was even submitted to humiliating medical

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