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Titles are held in MARBl and can located via discover E. Mac Leod [email protected] for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Luso-Hispanic Studies, African Studies and Comparative Literature Robert W.Greek myths were themselves elastic so there is no reason the classics of Roman and Greek literature shouldn't be updated, says classicist Daniel Mendelsohn. Greek myths were themselves elastic so there is no reason the classics of Roman and Greek literature shouldn't be updated, says classicist Daniel Mendelsohn. It’s a body of very interesting work that happens to be in Greek and Latin. Our kinds of plots, concerns, genres – all of them begin with the Greeks and the Romans. What insights into modern life and politics do they give? You could equally well ask, why read Spanish literature?Beyond that, because it is the primal literature of the West it gets you to the place where everything begins. So anyone who has an interest in the history of literature in general would do well to study the classics. I’m going to quote my dad here, who is a scientist and has spent the last few years reading the classics, for the first time in many cases.That is wacky but coherent in its own terms, and I thought it was terrific.“We are all descendants of fate, and that quality of fated eventuality is part of what the gods represent in Greek literature” On the other hand, if you’re just updating the classics because you want some fancy literary salad dressing for whatever mish mosh you’re preparing, you had better watch out.The Woodruff Library houses growing collections of African literature in both print and electronic formats.

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Handley 2009 and the essays in Aquila 1996, Crow 2003, and Witschi 2011 nicely update our understanding of how all the pieces of cultural and literary history might fit together, reminding us of how exactly it can be that westerns still function and persist.As a result, the western, a genre once consigned to the margins of serious and sophisticated academic inquiry, has emerged as a vital and inescapable mode through which to understand American culture in its broadest sense.Historians of western American literature, by virtue of the mythologies and iconographies that predominate in their field, will usually incorporate some component of formula or genre westerns in their work.And of course they provide fertile ground for investigating the precise meaning of national identity.As for questions about “literary” quality and complexity, recent critical methodologies have not only expanded the criteria for assessing such things to include artifacts of mass market or popular appeal; they have also brought to light, with the purpose of working against it, the very means by which discursive power functions to identify and separate.For a number of generations now, there has been an orthodoxy among classicists that the Homeric poems were orally composed and transmitted, and represent a series of adaptations, expansions and editings that took place during performance.Rejecting that idea is the eminent classicist Martin West, who thinks that there really was a Homeric figure – an original poet who accumulated a number of texts and wrote down what we would call a definitive text of .And then there’s the fact that the settings for these tales are usually the apparently untrammeled, natural scenery of the 19th-century frontier American West: deserts, buttes, snowy peaks, and vast expanses of lush prairie.Eventually, such pejorative descriptions arrive at one version or another of the phrase that Montana writer William Kittredge uses in Owning It All (Graywolf Press, 1987) to describe the traditional narrative of the American West: it is a “racist, sexist, imperialist mythology of conquest” (p. To some extent, all of these assertions are accurate, but only up to a point.There is nothing that happened in 2003 AD that is substantively or qualitatively different from what happened in 431 BC. Good literature always illuminates human nature and human action, and this is a literature that precedes everything else.So as long as people are the same, the classics are always relevant. There’s the irresistible temptation to mess with an authoritative model.


  1. The best modern updates of the classics of Roman and Greek literature. Beyond that, because it is the primal literature of the West it gets you to the place.

  2. Updating the Literary West, which appeared in 1997 as a sequel to A Literary History of the American West, maintained the division into sub-regions of its.

  3. May 20, 1999. This anthology, gathered and introduced by distinguished western scholar Thomas J. Lyon, offers the panoramic literary range of the American.

  4. Western writers,” says Thomas J. Lyon in his epilogue to Updating the Literary West, “have grown up with the frontier myth but now find themselves in the early.

  5. Look for details about tickets and location in the Literary Update's June Calendar of Events. Snoopy's Home Ice Arena, 1667 West Steele Lane, Santa Rosa.

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