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However their ordeal rekindled feelings for each other.

When Marlena vowed to stay with Roman, John planned to leave town.

Head of Psychiatry program at Salem University (2012 to present) Former psychiatrist at Salem's University Hospital (1976 - 1987, 1991 - 2009) Former psychiatrist at Bayview Sanitarium (unknown until 1976) Penthouse - 24 Riverview Drive, Salem, U. Soon after her appearance, she was drugged and admitted to Bayview as a patient while her twin sister impersonated her.

(2011 - Present) Formerly somewhere in Lugano, Switzerland (2009 - 2011) Formerly penthouse - 715 Pinewood Avenue, Salem, U. Marlena Evans made her debut as one of Mickey Horton's psychiatrists at Bayview Sanitarium.

Marlena learned she was pregnant but didn't know who the father was and it was revealed at baby Belle's baptism that John, not Roman, was indeed the father.

When Marlena went to Louisiana to search for John she was captured by Stefano and was forced to call Roman and tell him she was with John, giving their reconciliation the final blow.

Marlena was then able to marry Roman, however while Roman went undercover, Marlena and Don hatched a plan where Don, in disguise as Roman, went with Marlena on the honeymoon so that they could pretend that Roman was there. Marlena then shot Stefano, who fell from a catwalk and was presumed dead.

Marlena wasn't actually killed; she was abducted and sent to a remote island.The girl turned out to be Don's daughter, and Don fell off the roof in his effort to save her. She became pregnant later that year, and gave birth prematurely to a two pound ten ounce baby boy. Marlena and Don separated when they could not come to terms with their baby's death.In 1981, Marlena began being threatened, and a young woman was found strangled.Marlena then dated Richard Cates, who was the Salem police chief and an old friend of Roman's. In the beginning of 1986 Marlena met the John Black who she later determined was her husband Roman with extensive plastic surgery.After a prolonged stay in the hospital she and "Roman" renewed their wedding vows.After they escaped, Stefano followed them to Salem and began using mind altering drugs on Marlena.Marlena did not seem her old self anymore and soon it was revealed that she was the Desecrator and was possessed by the Devil.Police officer Roman Brady began working on the case. Roman ended up shooting the strangler after he had kidnapped Marlena and strangled Samantha.Roman and Marlena went to Mazatlan but Marlena shied away from any romance believing that the murders were her fault.After awhile Don started suspecting the switch and soon Marlena was released and Samantha arrested.Late in 1977, Don announced his plans to marry Marlena.


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