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This can be done by simply editing crontab of user explain: Of course you could add init script to handle starting it, but I found that cronjob @reboot works just as well, at least for my usecases.

That was longer than I expected, but I think it is descriptive enough so that you could use it even if you're not on ubuntu, or not using nginx, or just use anything differently.

At the moment we need to install one more thing – Pg:: Explain library.

We'll do it using Perls package manager (well, kinda) – cpan.

If you get “Sorry, but no results was found in database for this page." – it means you're good, there just aren't any plans in yet.

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You may want to back-up your EPrints files and your database but again, this should not be necessary. Get the files from Git Hub or by following this [link] [tar.gz] 2.IRStats2 is developed against EPrints 3.3 but it was written to also work on EPrints 3.2.Older versions of EPrints are, however, not supported.The patches relate to an incompatibility between the Prototype JS library (used by EPrints) and Google Charts (used by IRStats2).The two patches you need to apply are: On EPrints 3.2 you will have to manually copy the required files to your EPrints installation path.So, I decided to write about how to set it up, from scratch.Basic assumption is simple: I have server, with Ubuntu Server (14.10), and nothing installed, except base system.To do it: And at this moment, port specification is not needed, I can reach the site using – or any name that resolves to IP of this server.The last bit of work is making sure app will start after reboot.IRStats2 is a statistical framework for EPrints - It comes with some cool default tools and reports and it can also be customised to, for instance, add new metrics or data sets.It has a Javascript API to include stats on any pages you want.


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