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$tarrlng Christian Slater, Brian Bloom and Tammy Lauran. By Susan Stewart It was easier to laugh at TV when TV took itself seriously. smal Mime promoter and a lormer wetter-weight champ manage Ihe promising career ol a pri? Cp 86) Movie "The Groat Wnk Jo Pepper" lobert Hedlord. Elsewhere A bomb levels the abortion clinic where Chandler ts working; Fiscus gets cold feet; Morrison explains abortion to a retarded woman, ffl Jerry Falwell Qi Movie "The Impossible Spy" John Shea.t Premiere) (1989) , , y ' ' ' Tour of Duty Taylor is suspected of killing an American officer; Anderson finds comfort with a psychiatrist. Desperate For Excitement: Tonight;s "American Experience" is a Gothic story of sin and redemption in New England. on Channel 56) will remind you of Hawthorne's fiction, except that Hawthorne's fiction usually has a plot. M , tfi Airt An Bininn fw nr tran an nutlnw who Soaps awards: The silly stuff 700 Club America and the Ten Commandments. Our House (From ) "' Ua KOia Lll MUimwi WU1 aru auw'rwiij.. Nowadays, TV does nothing but iaugh at itself, so it's hard to know just how to take it. This show opened with a cameo by Barbara "Leave It to Beaver" Billingsly, who is probably more famous today as June Cleaver than she was in 1957, when TV simply echoed life and was not served up as some sort of profound comment on it. A former World War I pilot barnstorms with his partner and doyliyhts a German ace In Hollywood: (167! An asping mystery novelist gets mixed up with a real, live CIA agent during a two-week slay on Malla. ) p rj) O National Journal g when Hoc Mord investigates a tycoons (Joseph Cotlen) future son-in-law Guest: Shaion Gless. In 19I9 an Israeli spy chief recruits Fgyplian-born accountant Be Cohen to be a secret agent in Syria. gets ciiuylil up in espionage as he lights 10 keep he business operating dwiny the American Civil Wat.Matlock Sure his brother was framed for murder, a psychopath decides to get even by taking Matlock hostage. A B C Ths Honeymoon-rs (Part 1 of 2) News Ray, Makup-son, Bhirdo, Lane. " Sctenlisls tnvesttgale the yirrnhotise effect's disastrous impact on arth's environment, and possible solutions cp HZ) War of the Worlds a linguist gets the team exciled when he appeais to break the a Ncn code. A sales ace for the sott-drmk company rtxfc a valley m Australia where the product was never sold because everyone buys-a local brand.Q Local Local thirtysomething Michael takes abuse when he and Elliot handle an offensive politician's ad campaign. (1985) (H) 3$ Mec Nell Lehrer News Hour 3ft Roc Mord Files Trouble is the result Double Helix," A&E.J () (Hi Outdoor Wisconsin JJ ID SI SD Nightly Business fjg Dsgrassl Junior High Caltlln and Joey work on a project. Vldeo Country Country music New Country Robert Earl Keen Jr.; Lyle Lovett. Miami Vice (From 7.00) The Law A Harry Mc Graw A seedy Boston private Investigator has an unorthodox approach to his job. (Part 2 of 2) The Honeymoon-rs (Part 2 of 2) USA Tonight With Brad Holbrook.ET g$ Glmms s Break (2 Live It Up Edible Itowers n (B (H) Nightly Business Report 0 60 A Current Affair QBabar g JJ Q) Entertainment Tonight Robin Williams ("Dead Poets' Society") . News With Rick Rosenthal, Pat Harvey, cp College Basketball Southern Methodist at Notre Dame. (Live) Night Court Christine's friend attracts Harry. Local Program mlng Local Programming CBS News Dan Rather.Q Guiding Light At the World Turn (p) CBS Local Program' mlng Local Programming NBC News Tom Brokaw. St "Second Wind" A stockbroker bocomes Obsessed with running. Llntlsav Wanner, Kenrwth Pooue ) 1 976 re Cagney A Lac- I Attitudes Estelle Getty; writer Mol-ey (p) ly Ivins.

Lily, who is poor and cursed by a trashy father, has only one talent, but it is enough. sexy, she twitches her hips while singing hymns in the school chorus. Eric Braeden, sleazy Victor on "The Young & the Restless," won a big award, and delighted the audience with a high-toned speech on "the tumultuous life of an actor." It would have been easier to take Braeden seriously if he had not been wearing a black satin shirt with bolo tie, but that's show biz. Chancellor, evil center of "The Young & the Restless" and, more important in 1989, Corbin Bern-sen's mother, was honored beyond her personal comfort level, but she bore up well. Britain's Top Guns "The Royal Mamies" Ihe survival lest ends.

Q Moonlighting David and Maddie represent opposite sides in a sexual harassment case. ACTOR IN A MOVIE OR MINI-SERIES: Danny Glover, "Mandela," HBO.


"The story of Emmeline is shocking," Plummer says in her childlike, precise voice, "but sometimes a shocking story can give insight. Emmeline's tragedy fascinated me in a ghoulish way, for about five minutes, but did not move me at all. Local Local Midnight Caller A media mogul s son is accused of murder but appears to be headed for a lenient sentence. World of Survival England's Pembrokeshire coast. yuppie ovraonwjvrsi oiarriiiy ubiihuuwiium, ,h uu,ui and Cllve Wood. Our Moth-eis" Morals and traditions of a small New England town ailed the Inondship ol two 19ih-(:entury women 571 Movie Ma Uda" Flioll Gould.

Cp In the Heat ol the Night Tibbs and Gillespie clash over the prime suspect in a young prostitute's murder. Shari Belaf onte-Harper and Robert Guillaume host a gospel music celebration and highlights of Dr. Three's Company The girls try to raise King's life from the Aquarius Theater in Los Angeles. The Associates A Shortstorlss "Sal "Lows After Lunch" A young Englishman tries to keep up with n,crfima Tha Wl7arri of Menlo ly & Buddy & former live-In love sues a man. A ) Matl OCk Convinced his brother was frwned for murder, a psychopath decides to ye1 oven. Q the fifth estate Steady work in Cape Breton, Nova Scolifl f J3) (TJ) (0 21 ffl Move "Hot Fnouyh lor voti?


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