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“I want my students to feel very comfortable understanding and speaking Spanish,” said Garcia. ”The reason: Like other minority groups, members of the Latino community — and especially undocumented immigrants — are reluctant to interact with law enforcement.“The focus of this class is to make sure that officers can connect and communicate well with Spanish speakers.” SPO was born out of casual discussions between Lynn Olson, a retired Anoka County judge and founder of Language Central, and the center’s Spanish-speaking students, many of whom who talked about what they see as a growing chasm between law enforcement officers and Spanish-speakers. One small way to address the issue, Olson thought, is to teach law enforcement officers some Spanish, a gesture that might make it more normal for Spanish-speakers to reach out to police departments and talk to officers.And the coming months, Olson said, she hopes to get officers from the Metro Transit Police Department and Minneapolis Park Police Department to participate in the SPO program.If all goes as planned, Olson said she plans to expand it to Somali, Hmong, Oromo and other languages spoken by immigrant groups in Minnesota.Evaluate their skills vs the difficulty of the tasks - are they capable?

Having them check in every day is counter productive.I ask for their input during meetings, but it seems like they are afraid to speak up.Do you have any suggestions for being able to put pressure on the team so that they hit deadlines, but at the same time not come across as a pace-setting dictator? What I've seen work here is related to good project management skills, coupled with good feedback.Though the program is still new and Olson is working to recruit students, the Minneapolis Police Department was the first to allow its personnel to participate in the class during regular work shifts (provided an officer has the permission of his or her supervisor).Other agencies that have followed suit include the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office as well as Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park and Columbia Heights police departments.Also, most of what I described here is what worked for us, but actual mileage may vary. Brian I had a similar problem when I was doing project management, but managed to over come it.I followed most of what Brian said with one exception.If they still don't get the message, move toward getting them out of there; now they're in trouble. It was a wake up call to the rest of us that wanted to be successful, but had drifted to a weaker standard - the broken window theory is definitely at work here.Bottom line - someone who won't deliver doesn't belong in a project based organization. There should be public notice of the standard of delivery.I work in the consulting industry, so our work is project-based and we are typically under tight deadlines.I’ve inherited a new team and most of the team members are not very proactive and effective, so I need to micromanage them and act as a pacesetter to hit our deadlines.


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