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Second they are proud of their Indian origin, third they destroyed their Indian passports as a protest. Anyway, writing this article made me see how their social structure is very similar to the so called Sri Lankan Tamil structure.

Another fact is that they have fought hard to be Sri Lankans as opposed to most Sri Lankan Tamils, who fight not to be Sri Lankans:))). Also look at Indian Malaysian, Indo-Fijian, Indo-Trinidadians….

Bodhi dhana (talk) , 18 February 2008 (UTC) What academic standards? Indian Tamils in Sri Lanka name is used in the past because that time citizenship hasn't been granted to this group.

Entire sections on so called Malabar Tamils indicate not one ounce of academic standrads by such prominent historians from Sri Lanka such as K. But later slowly Sri Lankan government give citizenship to 50%.

Well, if we're going to look at how they self-identify, let's keep in mind that their party is the "Upcountry People's Front".

And in Tamil, Malaiyakam tamilar is by far the most common name (which is why I placed the article under "Hill country tamils").

As I see it, the issue is what people who identify as Malaiyakam Tamils (as opposed to those who've tried to assimilate into the Ceylon Tamil or Sinhalese communities) call themselves.

They, too, are "of Indian origin", but are culturally quite different from the Malaiyakam Tamils.Like User: Confuzion says all Tamils of Sri Lanka are are Sri Lanka Tamils, one claiming to be native and other self identifying as Indian origin (not Citizen) but neverthless proud to be Sri Lankans. This current revision of the article is based on an extensive original research by V.Radhakrishnan, a Sri lankan of Indian Tamil origin.I think the Hill-Country Tamils at the very least should have an article of their own, as they did until the move, which focuses on their special culture and history.-- Arvind , 15 April 2006 (UTC)I am glad someone is watching these articles, what I am concerned is that somehow the term Sri Lankan is corned by one group of Tamils versus others. About the professional class of Indian Tamils (along with Indian Telugus, Marathis....)in Colombo of recent years, they are not different than any expatriate Indian community in any country such as Dubai, Singapore (where thre are 3 distinct Tamil comunities apart from these expatriates).This History section reads like it was written by a three year-old - improper capitalization, essentially a lack of punctuation, and incorrect grammar.I am not qualified to alter it due to my unfamiliarity with the subject, but can someone please look at this and fix it?Given recent events, it is essential that this section be reliably written.I, myself, will go elsewhere until it is fixed.--slaman , (UTC) Hmm... The Hill-Country Tamils are a pretty distinctive group, who are not the same as - for example - the professional class of Tamils of recent Indian origin in Colombo.-- Arvind , 17 April 2006 (UTC) Couple of things, the official census categories are Sri Lankan Tamils and Indian Origin Tamils.There is anecdotal evidence that more and more Indian origin Tamils are marking themselves as Sri Lankan Tamils.


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