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The meetings took place despite rules that forbid the 30-year-old singer from having private meetings when he is off-base on official military business, which — based on his ascribed role in the armed forces — includes recording and performing for the military’s entertainment corps.(MORE: South Korean Pop Sensation Rain Joins the Army) It may have been more than just the secretive dates — well-documented by paparazzi — that irked military officials: Rain also reportedly violated army regulations by not wearing his military cap when he was off-base.“Sorry for making you wait, Mark made me walk him home.” He rolled his eyes in annoyance and slumped down into the booth chair opposite you.“It’s fine, I know these things happen with idols.I ordered two cappuccinos so they should be here soon! You couldn’t be happier to see Jackson since you hadn’t spoken with him properly in months.“Speaking of which,” He nodded his head, his eyes focused behind you.You turned your head and saw a waiter bringing over two mugs of cappuccinos.“Two cappuccinos!” He said brightly as he placed down the drinks.“Thank,” You and Jackson thanked him unison.

” Jackson ruffled your hair lightly as he passed by you and sat down again. You pouted cutely and used your puppy eyes to see if it would get a response out of him.“Aigoo, so cute!

Heyyy can I request a scenario where you’re an idol and Jackson is your best friend?

(you already have a boyfriend btw) And since you’re idols fans and everyone think you are dating because Jackson teases you a lot (in public) and stuff?

The R&B singer is facing possible military punishment for meeting with a well-known Korean actress while on duty during his mandatory military service.

South Korea’s defense ministry said Thursday that Rain, whose official name is Jung Ji-hoon, met with popular actress Kim Tae-hee at least three times last year.


  1. He placed 6th on Kpop Star season 1 and signed a contract with JYP. actually terminated Junhyuk's contract because he was dating despite the dating ban.

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