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Kingdom days vampire dating sim

Not every move you make is created equal as some costs more than the others.

For example, talking to characters will deduct 10 points from your HP while going on dates with them costs a whopping 50 points.

Afterwards, you can try the no-fuss approach by using the title's built-in codes to see other endings and experiment with different romance scenarios.

Your task in this cool simulation game for girls of all ages is to build relationships with up to 5 different characters during 30 days.

After waiting so long for someone to adopt you, you thought all your worries were over until a war broke out.

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In Kingdom Days Sim Date, shops sell gift items which may be given to potential love interests.

You begin the game by giving your character a name and distributing 15 points across three stats (Charm, Wisdom and Magic).

Once that's done, a rather lengthy intro awaits to familiarize you with your character and the first of five bachelors you can have a romance with.

Once you don your fuchsia dress, you're ready to go.

There are many fantasy-themed areas to explore such as a Blacksmith, The Witch's Cottage, a mysterious Forest and a Windmill.


  1. Kingdom Days is a Dating Sim by Pacthesis that you can find here. townspeople hated him for being a vampire and, after accusing him of murdering a woman.

  2. Sep 5, 2010. Kongregate free online game Kingdom Days Sim Date - A dating simulation for girls. Play Kingdom Days Sim Date.

  3. It's time to channel your inner princess in Kingdom Days Sim Date. This dating sim is another masterpiece by deviant ARTist Pacthesis, known for her line of.

  4. Jun 7, 2015. Kingdom Days Sims Date - Other Sims Date Games.

  5. Feb 20, 2017. Kingdom Days Sim Date is a cute dating simulation for girls! Build relationships with boys in a small medieval town of a foreign kingdom ruled.

  6. Kingdom Days Sim Date. of all ages is to build relationships with up to 5 different characters during 30 days. Cheat codes are hidden throughout the game. to unlock the vampire, buy a glass angel and go to the church. above the priest.

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