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Warriors star Kevin Durant and model/fashion designer Amber Rose were seen together at the same restaurant in LA last week and, of course, everyone has since assumed that they’re doing adult things with one another.Durant has been a fan of Rose’s for years as he tweeted at her in 2010: “@Da Real Amber Rose I kno this is random but I seen u in LA and u got the meanest bald head ever!!! ”Mama Drama It looks as though the front-runner for sports feud of the year is over, due to Shaq’s mom.In late 1999, it was reported that York could possibly depart from the series as he was in contract negotiations.However, York renewed his contract for another year.York got help from Rogers on his Australian accent.However, Monty advised him to worry more about the scene then the accent which has since taken a back seat.Nancy Reichardt described Mac as being "carefree" and "mischievous." According to York, in response to Mac's sudden infatuation with Dominique Stanton (Tawny Fere Ellis), Mac has an "accessibility to love right now." York implied that this behavior stems from Mac's time as a longshoreman. The ship was having trouble docking into the Port Charles harbor due to engine problems as well as protesters causing a scene.

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York had previously auditioned for two other roles on GH but was rejected.But, unlike the Bulls, the Warriors still have something to play for this season, so need Durant in the game (they lost to Milwaukee, 116-107).But, let's put this one for a vote: Who made better use of their last moments on the court?In November 2001, York was taken from off contract and began appearing on a recurring basis.In the spring of 2003, York re-signed with the series and began appearing on a contractual basis once again.Back in the day things were apparently no different considering that he dated “Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay. According to “I am very much so in love and very much so engaged! “Every morning I wake up and pinch myself and I keep asking myself if this is really happening. Despite his brother initially hating him, Mac never becomes a villain, and he even manages to rebuild his relationship with his brother.Prior to his Port Charles arrival, Mac works as a hired hand on boating trips.Steve Kerr said it was just a moment of frustration: "I think Kevin just had a moment.He was frustrated, he went to the rim three times and should have had three different fouls I thought.


  1. May 31, 2018. The latest rumors have Kevin Durant dating Cassandra Anderson. Learn more about Durant's rumored girlfriend, and KD's dating history.

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