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Will this turn out to be the elusive outlet for me to unleash my creative genius on an unsuspecting world? It's not all good though coz I am also an internet addict, and a sometime stalker too. After two months of this, I took a look in the mirror and shock of shocks I had started to look Chinese! They are trying so hard to look at their women's diabs! She also braided my hair in cornrows on one side, leaving the other side in an afro.

Or is it destined to be nothing more than a hi-tech pen and pad chronicling the ramblings of a delusional mind? Just so ya know there's a disclaimer: This blog contains strong language and some adult situations. But I am happy to say I am in therapy for the internet thing :) View my complete profile I have tried to date women from different cultures and have finally come to the conclusion that our kenyan women are the best. I got fired from my job and now I was truly an akataa - jobless, braided, and high. She was a white girl that had grown up in Minnesota in a middle-class suburban neighborhood.

Tsarah says, “It has been good to create something that I hope lifts up girls and women across Nairobi.

and exciting way to find those fulfilling friendships - or attractive Kenyan singles for that romantic experience you've been longing for.

An online survey seen by ke revealed that indeed each person has a tailor made taste.

Here is what facebookers had to say: Kagz Elsie: If I'm not married and I am to date, then MTU ananuka meno is a no for me.

In Kenya, nearly a third of girls suffer some form of sexual violence before they reach 18; and almost one in four girls becomes a child bride.

We hope that it influences action to empower girls, such as equipping them with the skills needed to secure jobs, to reduce early and forced marriage and teenage pregnancy, and granting greater access to culturally sensitive reproductive and menstrual health services. Anyway, Ping Pei Ting's ass was so narrow I found myself squinting just to see it. She introduced me to the ways of African Americans and soon I was smoking weed, drinking 40 ounce liquors, and walking around cursing and wearing a wife beater (aka white vest). Her name, Ping Pei Ting, was from the sound made when a sufuria was dropped down the stairs before she was born. Her brother was called Chang Ding Dong because the sufuria was full of white fried rice.Their voices are reflected in the artwork, which also features prominent, Kenyan female figures that champion girls’ rights.13 year old Vanessa Fumbula who took part in the Girls’ Workshop says, “After this workshop and after meeting Tsarah, I have found that women can do anything.” art is a form of self-expression for Tsarah who has faced many barriers to enter the industry and continues to meet daily challenges due to being a woman.She somehow convinced me that I could become a rapper. " I tried to write rap lyrics in my free time and knew it was time to call it quits when she wasn't diggin my first rhyme: "Microfone cheka, Waafrika wanasumbuka, Kioko ana kwashioko, Oloo ana minyoo, Nduta ana shuta ...". She was a dare devil that loved the outdoors like many white people do."You don't need no white man all up in your grill telling you what to do! She introduced me to white-water rafting, paintball, mountain hiking and skiing.UNICEF Kenya and the Australian High Commission came together to mark the day in a unique way by celebrating Kenyan women and girls who break barriers that society puts in their way.One such woman is Sarafina Mumbi, popularly known as Tsarah ‘Arts’ who works as a graffiti designer for culture.This was all new and exciting to me until she suggested we go bungy-jumping. " After some cojoling on her part (plus I remembered she had helped me fix up my credit after Shaniqua had ripped it to shreds), I agreed to try it one time.A week later, I found myself dangling upside down in my underwear from a bridge with my legs bound together by the bungy cord. She had sneaked across the border into the US so I knew there was no way she was gonna hook me up with makaratasi but I decided to give it a shot anyway.


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