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Khawar Masood Butt is one corporate head who exemplifies this leadership genre.

A classic case-study entrepreneur, Butt believes his greatest attribute has been to never default on a commitment, whether it is a commitment to his bank to repay a loan on time, or a commitment never to compromise on the quality of products his enterprise produces.

And this is the leadership and the vision the leadership holds. d Vision statement that adorns company reports and is displayed on a board in the reception area.

“Humans should first of all create a purpose for themselves and then be accountable to themselves for it,” he states with deep conviction.His company, English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM) is Pakistan?s largest biscuit manufacturer by far, adding a new plant every year since 2003.Creating a consciousness for responsibility in the value chain translates practically into EBM R&D teams getting involved with raw materials suppliers to ensure high quality and what he calls ‘constancy’ of quality.Similarly EBM spends both time and money to ensure that distributors’ warehouses have the required infrastructure to ensure the quality of product is not compromised while stored in the warehouses.Diseñamos, desarrollamos y construimos racks metálicos para la industria automotriz.Son estructuras metálicas de gran porte y destacado material que responden a las necesidades del sector en función de los espacios y los compartimentos con que deben contar.The right opportunities at the right time, a solid business plan, qualified and competent human resource, highly efficient systems in place and so forth.But there is something else too; a key ingredient that not only assures growth but which clearly differentiates a company from its competitors.El proceso constructivo cuenta con una etapa de evaluación en función de las necesidades, la creación de las piezas de alta intervención metalúrgica y el posterior ensamblado de las mismas de cara a la confección del producto final.Tanto para motos como para autos y diversos vehículos se puede solicitar el desarrollo y construcción de racks metálicos con las condiciones que se necesiten y las especificaciones propias de cada ámbito.


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