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Often requires the players get a special version of the game client.rollback: To revert game servers to an earlier state, which means that character data and world data is set back to that state. A game server (shard/world) in which players are allowed to fight each others' characters with fewer restrictions than in most other servers.For example, if a player finds a dupe bug and makes lots of money, that is an exploit.f2p, F2P, Free to Play: A financial model in which players can play a game for free.expansion, expansion pack: An expansion is a new addendum to an existing game, usually adding new features, new virtual terrain to explore, and so on.Expansions often are sold on store shelves, in contrast to free downloadable updates. A bug either in the game's code or in the game's design that allows players to give themselves unintended advantages.It's impressed me how many specialized words have arisen in the online world, in this case the online game world.

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Players may also have to pay for the initial game client (unclear if that counts as f2p). feature: (noun) A feature is a clearly defined, useful or beneficial characteristic of a game.Lower-end machines tend to have low fps in areas of the game world where there are many objects, buildings, and PCs (player characters).griefer, grief player: A player who, due to psychological issues or unresolved frustrations, tries to disrupt the gameplay of other players, such as through interfering with play, racial slurs, or other such destructive behavior.Often, those who create, develop, and launch a game do not stay on the project after it has shipped, so live teams are hired to take up the helm after launch.Lo D: Level of Detail: Term describing the system whereby objects further away in a 3D game are shown as a lower polygon, lower quality texture model.Anything positive or useful can be called a feature.("It's a bug, not a feature" or the opposite "it's a feature, not a bug" is an oft-used phrase of rebuttal.) fps, frames: frames per second: a measure of game performance.The ability of a player to choose his character's face is a feature.The ability to talk privately with other players is a feature.instanced: A zone that is created by the server specifically for a single player or group of players, or for a limited number of players.This prevents or reduces kill-stealing or mob camping by unrelated individuals, but has been known to make some players feel lonely. live team: The game developers who are assigned to maintain, improve, and run an MMP post-ship.


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