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In his budget speech, Mr Morrison gave a strangely similar warning."The forecast outcome for 2019-20, as always, is subject to Treasury's assessment of economic conditions at the time of the budget," he said.It's almost as if Scomo himself thinks these projections will prove too good to be true.A rising population will also place greater demands on Australia's already stretched urban infrastructure, meaning the Government's planned billion 10-year investment in transport infrastructure may not even keep up with increasing demands.

The reality of the equation, if the Government does succeed in further curtailing spending growth, is that real expenditure per person will be flat.

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You have to destroy it, and any plan that does not completely get rid of Obama Care, the patient is going to die–period.

They despise anyone who thinks.” Janda thinks the Globalists are Luciferian. The elite always try to give us a heads up before they flush the toilet while we serfs are still in the shower.” Dr.


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