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Is ty pennington dating anyone

If they do, imagine a life without them – whether that’s coming home to an empty house, having no one to text, or having no one to hold your hand.

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‘If what rocks your world is the thought of doing something you shouldn’t and risking getting caught, an affair might seem like a very attractive proposition.‘Guilt can eat away at you and you start having to live a lie,’ cautions Mr Preece.‘You might end up confessing or being forced to bottle it up to save the relationship; either way, nothing will ever be the same again.‘When we can recognise the true underlying motivation, we can find ways to get this validation or excitement without having an affair,’ says Bystram.Age is often an overlooked factor in the choice to cheat, says We-Vibe relationship expert and psychologist, Dr Becky Spelman.‘The sneaking around, the second mobile phone, the passionate embraces on street corners where anyone could see you… ‘In real life, however, the likelihood is that you will get caught out eventually, and then you might lose out on a lot of things you love about your life and your partner.‘If adrenaline is your drug of choice, you might want to try sky-diving instead.’ An urge to cheat suggests that there is something missing in your current relationship, but this might have only gone temporarily astray.Hayley Bystram, matchmaker and the director and founder of elite dating agency, Bowes-Lyon Partnership, says: ‘Is it a deliberate way to break out of a relationship you can’t leave, or do you value the relationship?‘If it is the latter, and you actually love your partner, temptation may be about something else,’ she says. It’s January; it’s cold, and dark, and the whole year is stretching out ahead of us like one long yawn.‘If this sounds like you, ask yourself if cheating is really worth it – after all, you already know that someone other than your spouse or partner finds you hot.’ Unless your partner is a raging monster whom you actively want to hurt, it is important to consider how your infidelity will affect them.‘Being cheated on can change the person’s entire perspective on you – and cause them irreparable emotional and mental damage ‘It can seem impossible to move on knowing that someone has willingly inflicted pain on you,’ cautions psychologist and author, Helene Fermont.


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