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Is shakira dating matt damon

They're both attractive, they got married in Italy, and they have a beautiful child.

After they met, Timberlake asked his friend if it would be okay to ask Biel out.

It seems they first encountered one another during a war of words over who got to sing the song "Call My Name," which was written by Harris and recorded by Cheryl Cole.

Ora alleged that Harris first offered the song to her, while Harris maintained that the song was never offered to her at all and that she made it up.

That date eventually turned into a marriage that lasted over four decades.

, have one of the most scandal-free marriages in Hollywood, unless you count how they first met.

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Unfortunately for them, they didn't live happily ever after.Caine, who was prepared to fly to Brazil to meet her, found out that she only lived about a mile away from his home in England when he got her number from a friend who worked in advertising.After several calls, Baksh agreed to go on a date with Caine.They didn't reunite until after they had both achieved some level of celebrity, and had dated around a bit as well, before finally becoming a couple in 2011, and then marrying in April 2012.There's no word on whether or not they still have their pen-pal letters.Allegedly, one of the first things Douglas said to his future wife is "I'd like to father your children." That wasn't too much of a turn-off for Zeta-Jones because she has said "I was in love with my husband at first sight," and the two have been together since November 18, 2000. At the time, Barroso was working as a bartender at Crobar on Miami Beach, where he was grabbing a beer with some of the film's crew. The funny part is, Damon didn't even want to go to the bar in the first place. We're sure he's happy that he got dragged along now.deftly managed her husband's career as a rock legend and frontman for Black Sabbath.star Carey Mulligan and Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford knew each other for a rather long time before they began dating…sort of.The two were actually pen pals through their respective churches when they were children, but at some point, like with most pen pals, they lost touch with one another.The couple eventually became estranged, and, as of July 2015, Hince was waiting for Moss initiate divorce proceedings.Pop star Rita Ora and DJ Calvin Harris didn't start off on the best of terms.


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