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Sweeney attended the 2010 Ryder Cup with Mc Ilroy, the two of them photographed together prior to the gala ball, and Holly posing for photos with the other European team wives and girlfriends.

One of the last photos of them out in public together was taken at the 2011 European Tour Players Awards gala in May of 2011.

but neither was ever really dating Mc Ilroy (as far as we know).

In mid-2014 Mc Ilroy and Forde — an Irish model — were spotted together a few times. But turns out they were only in each other's company because of mutual friends.

Mc Ilroy, of course, is one of the world's best golfers, a multiple major champion.

And his American wife Stoll was, at the time of their wedding, the manager of championship volunteer operations for the PGA of America. They met in 2012 and have been a couple — at least a public couple — since at least 2015.

Soon, Michael Bannon took him under his wings and shaped his career.

In 2004, he did win the college golf scholarship from East Tennessee State University, but opted against joining the university to continue his amateur golf career in Europe.

Among Mc Ilroy's fellow golfers in attendance were Sergio Garcia, Padraig Harrington, Paul Mc Ginley, Shane Lowry, Martin Kaymer and Thomas Bjorn. One of the highlights was Stevie Wonder's performance, which reportedly included singing How did Mc Ilroy and Stoll meet?Except for date nights with his wife, Erica Stoll, of course.In this article we'll meet Erica Stoll and recount the great story of how they initially met, plus share some details of their wedding.And because Mc Ilroy had some famous girlfriends in the past, we'll also look back on his pre-married life.Rory Mc Ilroy and Erica Stoll are husband-and-wife, and both are heavily involved in the golf world.Mc Ilroy wrote to Holly and Jeff, "Brought my little buddy Max his first pair of Nikes last night!UPDATE: Based on her Twitter account (HFCSween) and various reporting by other media outlets, it seems safe to say that Rory Mc Ilroy and Holly Sweeney are still dating.They had already broken up once by then, but gotten back together.Not long after that May 2011 dinner, however, the couple split for good. Holly still lives in their hometown of Holywood, with her partner, Jeff Mason, a professional ice hockey player in Belfast. And who visited Holly and Jeff with a present for their baby Max? 8, 2014, tweeted a photo of the baby wearing the Nike football booties he'd delivered.The UK tabloid even published a sensationally silly story full of rumor, innuendo and double-entendre claiming that Rory and Sasha were, in fact, dating. So Forde and Gale go into the category of rumored girlfriends. They were together for several years and appeared often at one another's events.Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and golf star Rory Mc Ilroy seemed, for a while, a match made in sports heaven. It did produce plenty of photos of Wozniacki attending Mc Ilroy's golf tournaments, and Mc Ilroy attending Wozniacki's tennis tournaments. Mc Ilroy even went onto the tennis courts once during a Wozniacki-Maria Sharapova exhibition match.


  1. See his dating history all. Holly Sweeney 2003-2011 – Rory McIlroy and Holly Sweeney were. Caroline while he was still in a relationship with Holly.

  2. Tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki has entered a new game of doubles with golfing star Rory McIlroy. Just days after the sportsman ended his relationship with his.

  3. Golfer Rory McIlroy's childhood love told yesterday of her heartbreak after he dumped her and later began dating tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.

  4. Meet Rory McIlroy's wife Erica Stoll and learn the. Meet Rory McIlroy's Wife Erica Stoll Plus His. Holly Sweeney and Rory McIlroy were.

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