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Is mark brunetz dating

And while he may have found himself a great gig on We recently caught up with the multi-faceted designer to talk to him about his career, his clients and his blue-collar roots.

We know that you are originally from Cleveland, Ohio.

At that time, I didn’t even have the desire to be in front of the cameras, so this was all very serendipitous.

I was actually in a tile store on Melrose, and I met a sales associate there.

So my entire childhood was entrenched in walking construction sites, going to flea markets with my mom and really learning at a very early age about different styles of furniture, such as turn of the century, vintage, modern, all of that. At the same time, I took a job at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, where I designed some very high-end events for Daimler Chrysler, Coca-Cola, Bacardi – million dollar events.

When I really took a hard look at my life, coming out of film, I knew that the thing I had always loved was some form of design. At the time I wasn’t even positive that it was going to be interior design specifically – I just knew that I wanted to utilize my gifts in the area of aesthetics. It taught me very quickly how to manage big budgets, how to work with clients, and it really reinforced my ability to design and accomplish projects.

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  1. Is Trish Suhr Married to Matt Iseman or Mark Brunetz or someone else or at all. Please help. I'm stumped! Thanks.

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