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She leans towards you, or enters your personal space.

She exposes (perhaps “accidentally”) additional skin while you’re looking – letting her dress fall of her shoulder, or showing you flashes of “soft” skin like her neck, underarms, or the inside of her wrist.

I was kind of disappointed that the two main actors didn’t kiss, they were a cute couple in the show so I expected him to kiss her Atleast once, maybe I watch too many romances lol. I guess since goblin, this is the first drama at 2017 that made me falling love with every plot line they made. Some line stories succeed to made any emotion for viewers. Yeap this drama is not really korean ppl cup of tea, but for me, i really enjoy it, lyke really tho, it is a drama, not a reality show. Coming from an Asian country, I admit that I can totally relate with what the students are going through. However, when you acquaint yourself with amazing people, you won't even feel the pressure that much. Yes it is true that the main characters have the best chemistry (I talk about taewoon&eunhoo), but that is actually what makes this drama has too much clicheness & no stand-out point like other school series. But I admit that this drama is cute, but not that wow.

Anywa, who cares about the ratings when our lovely couple are nominated to the major award giving bodies. The characters were great, although there is that one character I disliked (but there’s always that one character in every drama) I’ll totally recommend this. hope to see another drama or movie with KJH and KSJ... :) Idk why im addicted to this drama like 'that' much. Tbh this drama's plot is way too 'doesn't make sense' for korean ppl, that's why it's always NR. Can't wait to watch the next ep ;) Must I say that this drama is really great.

While there are many forms of IOIs and variations of IOIs, the general IOIs to look for, in order of escalation, are: HB sees you and holds eye contact, “come talk to me” look (AI) HB scratches her hand, touches her hair (unconscious physical) HB body language is warm and leans openly toward you (BL) HB touching you (kino escalation) HB complies with a request (compliance) HB says she likes something about you (verbal) HB has DDBL (eye contact) HB licking her lips (kiss close) HB pushes up her breasts (sexual escalation) HB willing to bounce or allow to be isolated, or leave the bar with you (seduction bounce) Sometimes women can throw out fake IOIs, which are not genuine indicators of interest but ploys designed to deceive a man into doing favors for her.

And remember, once you’re getting consistent IOIs, qualify the girl and move into mid-game. She caresses herself, sliding a hand along her own neck or collarbone. It tells you something about where her mind is – she wants you to be caressing her). This is a very powerful IOI, which we’ll discuss more when we talk about comfort.But when you find a woman subconsciously mirroring your posture (holding her arms in the same way, making similar gestures, or drinking when you drink) it’s a strong sign she’s feeling powerful emotions towards you.She plays with a straw or toothpick in her mouth while looking at you or talking to you.This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good starting place.Full Definition: IOIs are conscious, and often unconscious, actions that an HB takes to communicate her interest in a man.Most AFCs are ignorant of IOIs, but, with training, a PUA can begin to see the subtle signals that a woman may be interested in him, which can lead to warmer approaches.This person turned out to be none other than BTS‘s Jungkook, which led fans on a wild train of imagination all over the Korean community.Take a look at the photo below and let us know what you think.However, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that Chung Ha was not the only idol in the photo.They have pointed out that there was someone at the top left corner wearing an over-sized shirt and a mask.


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