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Intp dating infp consolidating student loans from multiple lenders

The INFPs in the depression stage have had repeated bad outcomes which leads to learned helplessness.

Their experience has taught them that no matter what they’ve tried to achieve personal happiness, it never works out because of other people, the situation, the way the world is and other external factors beyond their control.

In doing so, we move back and forth through the stages until we wake up.

I don’t know any INFPs who work two jobs to pay to college part time that are still in the denial phase.

INFPs in the anger stage have few friends and work at jobs they feel is beneath their natural talent.

Bad relationships are always about the INFP getting mistreated in some way.

INFPs start moving out of denial phase about 6 months after they started paying rent and stopped doing laundry at their parent’s house.

Stage 2: Anger The anger stage manifests as placing blame. INFPs believe that the world is too shallow, materialistic and uncaring to recognize the awesomeness of the INFP’s individuality.


  1. Oh oh oh, wait a minute. I think you put a way huge burden of guilt on the poor INFP’s shoulders. Is it really our fault when a close person dies?

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