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Intimidating police cars

For instance, will the police have capabilities to connect to info-tainment systems found in Ford models?

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On the other hand, he/she should also have a smile and a heart for those who he knows are on the ‘good’ side. Ford provides Police Interceptors that meet these needs with attributes such as 75mph rear crash, standard Full-Time All-Wheel Drive, and our powerful and efficient Eco Boost engines." I am curious on what you have seen from an aftermarket parts perspective for the Interceptor.What types of fun equipment add-ons, say mobile tech based, are departments undertaking following delivery of an entirely new fleet?"Police Interceptors are subjected to two times durability testing, which means they go through twice the amount of testing as a regular vehicle due to the extreme conditions in which they are used.Each of our Police Interceptors are evaluated and tested by Michigan State Police and Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and are classified as 'Pursuit Rated' once they pass the testing." It's now 2018, how will have the Interceptor evolved from the 2014 model?"We know that officers spend many hours a day in their vehicles.When I posted this pic on my fb page, I received a nice little ‘note’ from my commander’s commander, who got his note from HQ, telling me that they weren’t ordering me to remove it, but basically, (in not so many words), ‘… Examples: Our department started putting the year of our graduation on a little rocker underneath our name tags.Instantly, a tingling sensation of fear spreads from head to toe, and a wandering mind ensues - an ugly ticket that will cause higher monthly insurance payments is 15 minutes away.However, unlike in yesteryear when cops would approach wrongdoers with wimpy looking cars that looked like they could be outrun, many police departments are wielding a secret weapon in 2014, a true beast on four wheels: the Ford (F) Interceptor.I think this imposing vehicle, which also comes in unmarked car form, offers an important clue about the future of law enforcement: preventing crimes by tapping into a car's infotainment system or global positioning via satellite. To learn more on this #Road Beast that notched an impressive 48% sales increase in 2013 (Ford has 50% market share in police vehicles), and has a model with a 3.5-liter Eco Boost engine that goes from 0-60 in 5.66 seconds (Dodge Charger: 5.69 seconds), I talked with Ford's Police Marketing Manager Jonathan Honeycutt: No doubt about it, the Ford Interceptor sedan and Crossover are visually (and rightfully so! Take us through the design process on how this eco-friendly beast on four wheels came to life."The Next Generation Police Interceptor started being developed roughly three to four years before its inception.


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