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Infragistics webdatagrid rowupdating

From this post on the Infragistics forums I believe that you have a numeric column. This is not a recommended approach as that variable may change, so I suggest that you submit a new product idea to have the filter row added to the public API.

If this is the case then you should use a Numberic Editor Provider instead. You can do this on the following page: Another thing to note is that the default filter type is "All" so you'll also want to change this.

As far as I get your line of code you are interested in data rows only and the following row-related events are fired only for data rows as far as I'm aware(definitely not for headers or Summary rows from my experience): Server side: The Initialize Row event is raised when the grid binds to the records in the data source. Could you provide more information about your setup?

Web Data Grid offers 2 versions of such events so whatever you are attempting would probably have to do with these. My hunch is that somehow the logic for finding the grid isn't quite working for you, though I'd need to see more of your implementation to know what's going on.Web Data Grid Bug Fix Hidden columns appear visible after refreshing the page and showing the grid.Web Data Grid Bug Fix Exception is thrown on postback when binding grid that has grouped columns.There are more details on enabling filtering in the Filtering topic in the Net Advantage for ASP. Release Notes Accelerate your application development with ASP.I would recommend that if you can still reproduce this you post the issue on the Infragistics forums with the code that you are using so that we can look into it further.The simplest solution is to move your logic rebinding the grid from your Check Changed event handler to the Page_Pre Render event.To get around that you would need to change the DOM so that the grids scroll bar isn't present, add a container with content outside of the grid that can provide a scroll bar and manually update the grids scroll position when your external scroll bar is moved.I would encourage you to submit a feature request if you haven't done so already: infragistics.com/my-account/feature-request I tested this and I wasn't able to reproduce this. = "Released") I had to add the markup for all of the columns into the html side.Notice that in our case we are dealing number of rows ranging from 1 to 1000, thus the need for the vertical scrollbar.


  1. Purpose WebDataGrid WDG has the capability to update the DataSource automatically if AutoGRUD property of EditingCore is set to true. What is “Manual CRUD”? This is a technique used by developers to persist all changes made in the grid UI to the DataSource by their own custom code. In this article I will go through

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