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Information on radiocarbon dating for kids Chat video call sex me

To date, no credible scholars of archaeology or paleontology accept the discovery as valid.

Discovered: 1938 The story of the Dropa Stones is as follows.

For a long time, the Peking Academy of Prehistory forbade the professor from publishing anything about the Dropa Stones.

However, after many years of debate he published his hypothesis.

Every object on this list has been accused of being an elaborate hoax.

The archaeologists uncovered the graves and discovered the remains of ancient beings.

According to all history books, humans did not live in the time of the dinosaurs.

Upon the discovery of the figures, many creationists from all over the world proclaimed the artifacts legitimate.

The skeletons were a little more than three feet tall, with abnormally large skulls.

Inside of the tombs a collection of stone disks were recovered.


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