Metabolic Override – The Effective Fat Burning Solution

Using the Venus Factor, a number of women have successfully developed a long term weight loss regime. The lifestyle that Venus Factor advocates for is characterized by diet and exercises. metabolic override This leads to burning of fat through a method which is known Metabolic Override.
Metabolic Override refers to the part of the Venus Factor program that teaches the body on how to source and breakdown body fat so as to use as fuel. The same instructions also tell the body that recently consumed carbohydrates is not for breakdown. This results into a scenario where the body burns off body fats while sparing the consumed food for energy.
How Leptine Hormone Works
Discussing Metabolic Override without touching on the concept on which Leptine works will be inappropriate. The Leptine hormone controls eating and to a large extent the accumulation of body fats. At higher levels, Leptine prevents the intake of foodstuffs thereby driving the body to a starvation mode which leads into the breakdown of fats while at lower levels, it encourages consumption of foods hence the accumulation of fats. Despite the fact that women have the highest Leptine levels, they are three times slower to the signaling effect caused by the Leptine hormone to convert fats into energy. This simply means that the higher Leptine potential it is not being utilized in women than the lower quantities in men.
Dieting and Metabolic Override
Following a specific diet plan has its own disadvantages. In as much as people praise such diet plans, in the long run they lead to a situation where Leptine levels drops significantly. This means that the individuals concerned will eat more leading to a negative Metabolic Override where the body accumulates fats instead of burning it. Venus Factor system is against the spirit of starvation. Women suffer from huge Leptine drop levels compared to men hence their tendency to gain weight in higher.
Restoration of Leptine Response
Through natural mechanisms, Leptine signals which are credited for Metabolic Override are disconnected in women. However, through manual intervention the Venus Factor restores Leptine to the acceptable levels making the body to readjust and burn the fats.
The Long-Term Solution
Metabolic Override is the lasting solution to fat loss in women. This is because of its unique abilities in stimulating the body to burn packets of fats stored into energy. Generally, the conditioning of the body is to burn glucose meaning that there needs to be a reconditioning if the order is to change. This is the selling point behind Venus Factor. For Metabolic Override is affected by the following components:
Calories – You need to maintain a standard calorie intake every day. This will sustain the Leptine levels.
Carbohydrates – You need to minimize on their intake because they inhibit the ability of Leptine to send signals which lead to the conversion of fats.
Diet Restrictions – For Metabolic Override to function properly, you are supposed to ease up on strict diet plans. This is because such plans lower Leptine levels in the long run.
Metabolic Override is an excellent fat burning process. It leads to a faster loss of weight and fats thereby making the body lean and healthy. Working hand in hand with Leptine, Metabolic Override fights fat levels in the body effectively.
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