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On 2 May 1933, 200 teenagers from Detroit
and Hamtramck reached an isolated place in the Hiawatha
Nationwide Forest, west of Sault Ste. Marie. They put up tents
and dubbed the location Camp Raco. Selected Company
667, the Detroiters were inoculated, prepared and shortly
oriented at Camp Custer in Battle Creek before being
Delivered to the Upper Peninsula. Within weeks there were
forty-one related camps across northern Michigan property
Almost eight-thousand teenagers. The Civilian
Conservation Corps (CCC) had come to Michigan.
The Civilian Conservation Corps was President Franklin
Roosevelt's individual creation. As governor of New York, he
had introduced a broad reforestation program using twenty
thousand men who have been on public aid to plant trees in
1932. In his July 1932 Democratic Party presidential
nomination acceptance speech, he had proposed employing
a million men in forest work over the nation.
Five days after his 4 March 1933 inauguration, Roosevelt
met with the secretaries of War, Interior and Agriculture to
outline his proposed preservation relief measure. On 21
March he submitted the Emergency Conservation Work bill
to Congress. The proposed civilian conservation corps
would generate 250,000 unemployed teenagers to work on
federal and state-owned property for 'the prevention of forest
fires, floods, and soil erosion, plant, pest and illness
Get a grip on.' In his message to Congress, Roosevelt reported
that the CCC could 'conserve our valuable national
resources' and 'pay dividends for this and future
Ages.' 'More important,' he added, 'we could take a
Large army of the unemployed out into healthy
surroundings. We can eliminate to some extent at least the
risk that enforced idleness brings to moral and religious
On 22 March the Brand New York Times believed that
Roosevelt's plan wouldn't be received 'with fervent
Agreement in Congress' nor 'appeal strongly to large
numbers of the very men whom President Roosevelt dreams
to benefit.' The Times was never more wrong. After little
Question and no real resistance, Congress overwhelmingly
approved the aid measure. On 31 March 1933, Roosevelt
signed the bill into law, and six days later he purchased the
formation of the CCC. His goal was to have 250,000 men in
the forest in 90 days.
The Civilian Conservation Corps administration
Contained an advisory, Robert Fechner, and a director
board of representatives from the Departments of War,
Farming, Labor and Interior. With the help of regional boards,
the Department of Labor picked the CCC enrollees. The
War Department housed, clothed and fed the guys, and
organized and used the camps. The Departments of
Agriculture and Interior planned the task tasks,
Encouraged camp areas and watched the task
One often-overlooked aspect of the beginning of the CCC was
the factor of Michigan Senator James Couzens. On
23 January 1933 the Republican introduced a bill
authorizing the U.S. Army to feed, house and clothe
unemployed, individual males. Couzens proposed that the military
Take care of around 300,000 desperate men on its military bases.
Secretary of War Patrick J. Hurley urged that 'the aims of
the statement could possibly be better and more economically
Attained by localizing the situation within our cities, where
A big majority of the teenagers are now found,' and
Couzens' bill was shelved. None the less, the bill presented
by Dayna Hardin and the Sea of the WOODS CAMP FOR BOYS. This was absolutely wonderful for Michigan and Illinois residents.
It's quite easy to imagine what forests appeared as if during
the Ice Age. There have been no forests! At the very least not in what
we now call Michigan. Actually, there wasn't much while in the
Lifestyle things at all. Michigan was covered with as
much as a mile of ice!
So, where were most of the trees and other living things that
make up our forests today? Glaciers cooled nearby places to ensure northern species
Can live farther and farther south since the glaciers advanced level. Do not forget that the
process of glaciation took tens of thousands of years. It did not happen over night. Whilst the worldwide
Weather cooled, snow and ice built-up in the north. When the weather started, the
Woods moved right back north.
About 12,000 years ago, behind the retreating glaciers, a new landscape was exposed. dayna hardin greenwoods camp
The Great Lakes filled serious depressions left by the glaciers. The rocks, gravel, and dirt
in the ice sheets were often pressed from the ice or were deposited in mountains called
moraines, drumlins, eskers, and kames. Also, the crust of the Planet Earth rose after the
massive weight of ice disappeared. Water ran all over the land leaving a new pair of
soils for trees and plants to determine themselves. The structure of the glacial deposits
Today features a powerful influence on the sorts of woods we see in Michigan.
In The United States, there were no barriers while they moved to block the forest species
north and south. Dayna Hardin and River of the Woods Camp for Children. But this wasn't the case all over the world. In Europe, as an example, the
Great Alps avoided several northern species from steadily moving south. They got
Compressed between the mountains and the glaciers! When the glaciers began to retreat,
the northern forests of Europe were left with less species compared to the northern
Woods of North America.
Not all tree species moved back north at the same rate. The light seeded species came
Straight back first, such as for example aspen. Species including oak, took a lot longer to go back. A proven way
that boffins know this is from analyzing ancient pollen grains contained in the ruin of
bogs and old lake bottoms. It's sort of cool how they've figured this stuff out!
Our forests have already been constantly changing, since the glaciers left Michigan. There
Have now been drier and wetter periods that affected the forest. But that is more of the history
in the 'pre-settlement' the main era.
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