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Husband on chatropolis Adult sex chatline

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The website doesn't sign in through email, it signs in through a username and you can only reset the password with the username as well. I doubt they'd bother for £13 but he may be asked to take his business elsewhere.

Were you aware when you married him that his predilection for cross-dressing could give rise to such uncertainty about your future together? He likely feels insecure that you might leave him for what he does as much as you fear that he may leave so he can fulfil his urges.

It seem both your fears have lead to this situation.

We're at a stage where we can talk about it and he has some "outfits" that I'm ok with him wearing around me but he knows I don't like him spending lots of money on it and that I will not have sex with him wearing it. Now I've found charges to his bank account to a website called Chatropolis.

It doesn't take much looking around to see they have a "Men in Lingerie" section, as well as plenty of other things. Lying about it would be worse than the act itself to me.


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