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Out of curiosity, De Vries tested the daughters of one subject and observed that even though they were not color-blind—they seemed to distinguish red and green as well as anyone—they needed more red in their test light than normal people to make the match precise.

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“Most of the things that we see as colored are manufactured by people who are trying to make colors that work for trichromats,” he says.The richness of the world we see is rivaled only by that of birds and some insects, which also perceive the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.Researchers suspect, though, that some people see even more.He speculated that such women might be using the fourth cone to distinguish more colors than a trichromat, but he buried this insight on the last page of the paper. In the 1980s neuroscientist John Mollon of Cambridge University, then Jordan’s adviser there, was studying color vision in monkeys and became interested in De Vries’s note on tetrachromacy.Mollon and Jordan realized that since color blindness is common, four-coned women must be as well.Take one cone away—go from being what scientists call a trichromat to a dichromat—and the number of possible combinations drops a factor of 100, to 10,000.Almost all other mammals, including dogs and New World monkeys, are dichromats.Dutch scientist HL de Vries was studying the eyes of color-blind men, who, along with two normal cones, possess a mutant cone that is less sensitive to either green or red, making it difficult for them to distinguish the two colors.He tested their vision by having them perform a basic matching task.Pondering the situation, De Vries thought he saw an explanation.Color blindness ran in families, affecting men but not women.


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