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How to keep a friendship after dating

By staying friends, you’re able to keep them in your life and maybe even help them make changes.

When you’re feeling lonely, turn to friends and family instead, and find ways to make the most of your alone time.6. If you’re not totally satisfied in a new relationship, research suggests you may feel more interested in keeping up contacts with your ex.But it’s not your responsibility to nurse them through their heartache, and your support may actually make them feel worse.Research suggests that people like to know that support is available if they need it, but they do not like to feel needy.Even if you are okay running into the ex from time to time, this doesn’t mean you need to be friends.It may be hard to see your ex as just another acquaintance when you have so much history together, but over time that history won’t be in the foreground anymore.9. If you initiated the break-up and your ex is not taking it well, the last thing you probably want to do is hurt them even more by rejecting their friendship.In the moment, your ex may crave your comfort, but at the end of the day your support is unlikely to help them move on if they continue to feel dependent on you.Instead of shouldering the burden yourself, make sure they are getting support from other people in their life.If you’re unhappy in your current relationship, it’s worth trying to address those feelings with your current partner rather than turning to an ex for support or as an escape.Adding the ex to the mix when your relationship is already in a complicated spot is only likely to complicate things further.5. Maybe you broke up because your ex was unfaithful or drank too much, but you’re holding out hope that they will learn from their mistakes and eventually grow into the kind of partner you want. But he or she was also an important part of your life for a significant amount of time, and it’s understandable to want to hold onto that relationship in some capacity.Many former couples, whether dating partners or spouses, try to remain friends after a break-up, and some are able to manage this transition successfully.


  1. Why the Friendship-First Approach to Dating Works. The friendship-first approach is not an isolated theory. “When you keep your mind pure.

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