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He had an interest in cars and tools like his father, and also spent a lot of his time trying to impress girls and had little interest in school, often feeling outshined by Randy who contrarily did very well in school.

Out of the three boys, Brad showed more interest in tools and cars.

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He is the oldest and the most athletic of the three boys, his younger brothers being Randy and Mark.

When Al was younger, he took fencing in school and served in the Navy, and although he wanted to see the world, he was stationed in Nevada.

A year after getting out of the service, Al was a construction crane operator with Local 324.

He collects keys from classic cars and even designed a board game based on Tool Time, which he sold and marketed to great success-the object being not to end up in a hospital! He has several years of his life on several VHS tapes. In one episode where Tool Time is celebrating their fifth anniversary show, Al is shown in the first ever episode of Tool Time without a beard & Tim with a beard.

Sometimes Tim refers to Al's beard as "stingy" and "do-do birdy".


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