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Hollywood stars dating history dating for international students

Although partly fettered by censorship, the film industry attracted audiences with strong narratives involving romantic characters struggling to overcome heavy odds.Products of the Golden Age include a long list of what are today seen as classics — The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, Stagecoach, Mr.Who knows who he’s with now, but we’re sure he doesn’t ever have to worry about being alone.

 Image Source Scottish actor Gerard Butler’s international breakthrough was the screen adaptation of .He insists he’s not a womanizer, but his actions speak otherwise — or maybe he just enjoys being photographed with women.

Those are all the , Wilmer Valderrama has developed quite the real-life reputation as a womanizer.

Either way, he got some serious tail.

 Image Source Irish actor Colin Farrell, once names one of magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People,” has definitely made the rounds.

He was once married to actress Amelia Warner for four months and has been connected to a long list of famous actresses including Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, and Paris Hilton, just to name a few.

The two initially met back in 1992 when filming Cruz’s breakout film , but they didn’t begin dating until over a decade later in 2007.

Cruz and Bardem eventually married in the Bahamas in July 2010 and welcomed their first child Leo in 2011, followed by their daughter Luna in 2013. The two met in the late ’90s, following his divorce from his first wife, and were engaged in February 2001.


  1. There have been countless unforgettable romances portrayed on the big screen throughout Hollywood's history. Some of these romances continued off screen as well. These were relationships that, at least for a time, withstood the pressures of celebrity and became legendary classic Hollywood couples.

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  3. But Hollywood movies weren’t all just glitzy entertainment and Southern myths. Stephen J. Ross, history professor at UCLA, talks about the social conscience of the Warner Brothers and how it was expressed in some of their films

  4. There is a history in Hollywood for “power couples” that have formed between some of the biggest celebrities whether they are singers, actors, or athletes.

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