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History of dating patterns sex dating in cresaptown maryland

Those featuring Lucille Ball are particularly desirable.This company did beautiful dresses and suits throughout the 1940s into the 1950s.The artwork on the envelopes can also be a thing of beauty to behold all by itself.For those who cannot find the vintage styling they want in their size, fabric, or price range, vintage patterns afford the ability to have exactly what one wants, the way one wants it, whether one sews it up at home or retains the services of a custom clothier.

Current and Former Pattern Companies The four large pattern companies still manufacturing patterns for US consumers today, Butterick, Mc Call’s, Simplicity and Vogue, have been around for all or most of the 20th century.Three of the designers for this line were Adrian, Edith Head and Anne Fogarty. This company seems to have been one of the last to convert to a printed tissue pattern.Several early 1960s designs have been found with the cut-to-size tissues.These patterns have become highly collectable as representative of these designers’ early work.Hawaiian Patterns There were several companies that made patterns for Hawaiian fashions.Advance was one of the pattern companies that Mattel authorized to make patterns for their Barbie fashion doll.They also did a limited line of designer patterns during the 1950s.Others collect them because these slim envelopes filled with tissue give a glimpse into a lifestyle that many of us no longer have the luxury to live.They are, in, and of themselves, a documentation of fashion sewing of the past.Burda This German pattern company earned a “hard to sew” reputation among American seamstresses because their early patterns were multi-sized and came printed without seam allowances.Not known for fashion forward design, their patterns were first available in the US in the 1970s and often only in small sewing/fabric boutiques.


  1. Below is a list of all of the vintage Advance patterns on our wiki.

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