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High standards dating men

This counted more than academic credentials and depending on the role, even experience. You're "interviewing" many potential matches, to see if you're compatible and if there's a shared interest to discover more about each other, in a low-pressure way.So the next step is to clarify your own standards about how you want to be treated, which will help you discern if your date is a suitable potential candidate.Following that, it's important to stay tuned into your intuition and recognize that you cannot change anybody.When he is showing you who he is and his actions and behavior don't meet your needs, you have the power to choose whether you will accept it or walk away from it, because you know in the long run it won't make you happy. For the best opportunities to attract and keep the ideal quality partner you want, it’s also important to understand the values, behaviors, energy, attitude your perfect partner is looking for; without assuming or pre-judging.These traits are still considered normal in most parts of the world.Today in our world, however, even the simple thought that you could possibly marry a woman like this, a virtuous woman rather than a used up cum dump, is blasphemy.

(Guys, if you’re reading this…get in touch if you want to share! In my recruitment career, I used to feel excited when I met that one impressive candidate with the "edge" who was a perfect match, over a sea of boring, unmemorable ones.They would meet the criteria for the job role, and more importantly, they had the attitude, character, and goals which were the perfect fit.On occasion I have been accused of having high standards.I confess, to you here and now, that, yes, I do have high standards.If you would like to run a little test you can do this: explain to someone that you would only consider for marriage a woman who has not had her femininity and grace pumped out of her.The person you will have explained this to will react like you just explained that you admire Hitler. This is because our generation is so completely void of standards and afraid of, heaven forbid, someone (unless that someone is a white male who projects strength rather than weakness and vulnerability).Try as he might, the 60-year-old fabulous guy can’t measure up to her expectations because she’s looking for a man who doesn’t exist.She gets stuck in affairs with men who never commit, and it’s often the nice guys who are interested in her who bear the brunt of her hurt and anger.Just as you would hold others to higher standards you should hold yourself to the highest standard. Having high standards is the mark of a man who is not swayed by the lies of the television, the lies of the government, the lies of the deluded and drugged masses of the soul-less.High standards are the mark of a man who is, indeed, above.


  1. Deborrah, several men have told me that my standards are too high and that’s why I’m single! Can a woman’s standards be TOO high? This is a very interesting question, and an charge that is levied upon many women.

  2. We rarely find men worth dating. Most men in this century are lazy. They don’t want to put in the effort to make us feel special or to dress up when we go out to dinner.

  3. Are men's standards for women too high? Is it just me, or have you noticed it too? It seems like guys who are just okay have the longest checklist of dating criteria when it comes to their ideal woman. And I’m not talking about men who ma

  4. Of course, this makes Mindy totally freak out and so she goes on a date with a dude who is obviously really wrong for her, just to prove to her friends that her standards are not too high I won’t spoil the end for you.

  5. One reason to cling to high standards is that we aren’t proud of our own life, so we want to self-sabotage by keeping people distanced from us. To counteract this, build a happy single life first. To counteract this, build a happy single life first.

  6. The difference between men and women, however, is that women can and usually do have higher standards when it comes to who they'll have sex with. Why? Well, it's all a matter of supply and demand. Why? Well, it's all a matter of supply and demand.

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