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Help updating windows software office updates

This Quicknote is designed to explain what "Windows Update" is, what it does, and how to use it.This is also intended to assist users of University-owned laptops in learning the procedures associated with updating their equipment.As ITS pushes the patches for most of the software that users on campus use, manual updates for university-owned computers are not needed.Updating your system files through Windows Update is a relatively simple process.These attacks on IT infrastructures take many forms, including theft of proprietary information, financial fraud, worms, viruses, and net abuse by employees.According to the CERT Coordination Center, a center of Internet security expertise located at Carnegie Mellon University, “most intrusions result from exploitation of known vulnerabilities, configuration errors, or virus attacks where countermeasures were available, including most major Internet worm/virus events.Finally, it discusses patch and update management tools, including future releases meant to simplify the overall patch and update management process.

Increasingly, improving security means improving systems management.

Look at the catalog and download any and all security updates and software patches that apply to your installed software.

You can download all of these security patches and updates from the Web and install them on your computer.

Consistent, repeatable processes, reliable auditing and reporting against policy, and effective change control can drastically reduce the level of uncertainty and risk throughout the IT infrastructure.

And, as the security trends discussed previously indicate, an effective security management strategy must ensure that software remains up-to-date and as fully protected as possible from worms, viruses, and other information security breaches.


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