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Hard dating firefighter

I used to say that Christmas wouldn’t happen without me, because I would choose and purchase all the gifts (one year I counted 76), wrap them, make an endless number of Christmas cookies and plan and prepare the holiday dinners. I put that on myself and then resented him for not helping or carrying what I felt should have been his fair share.

I felt alone because of the heavy load I was carrying. I never asked for help; in my mind, asking for help was a sign of weakness.

I kept our social calendar and booked our vacations.

There was almost no decision that didn’t have my mark on it.

I had always been an overachiever at work, and the same was true in my home life.

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I had gone from placing the burden of my happiness on my career to a man and his love, which was just another version of the same lie. And I started trying to figure out how I’d gotten myself into this situation.

We hit it off and started getting together regularly, sometimes spending several days together.

He was gentle and patient as I struggled to open my heart to him.

The Museum is recognized as one of Texas’s Best FREE places for individuals, groups and families to visit.

Dedicated to the preservation and education of the rich history of the fire fighting service, fire prevention education and fire safety, the Museum is housed in a working historic 1927 Central Fire Station.


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