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Based on the Harlequin romance novel, The Boss's Baby by Miranda Lee Originally posted on AFF on 10/16/2014. Can be found here: Centuries ago, wolves had the traits to be strong, intelligent and the ability to breed. ” the lawyer asks, riffling through the pages as Hankyung places the nameplate back on the desk.This didn't last long when newborn wolves showed signs of receiving one trait, and the labels alpha, beta and omega were made. “Yes,” Hankyung confirms, shifting the nameplate so that it lies perfectly straight. “But I don’t want them to know.” Dalliance《playful flirtation, one that might lead to a casual romance》Crown Prince Minseok is set to be on the royal throne of the kingdom of Asterrania and a certain Chinese beauty from Yiwen is determined to be his Royal Consort.It might help us get more viewers for Knowing Brothers." Knowing Bros was the show that they were together in.It was filled with harsh jokes, pranks and less than 20% truths.It would be nice to come up with a song and singing a duet with Kyung Hoon since they never did before.

His friend Kyung Hoon was a member of another legendary group named Buzz and now resides as an ongoing host of several reality shows.

Recently, a few wolves exhibited the same capabilities as their ancestors, and Jongdae is learning what it means to be a Unik. Prince Joonmyeon -preffered prince for the Throne-is courted by the Emperor of Yiwen and dangles between an Emperor or an Army General.

After Seoul becomes infested with the living dead and the government abandons them; it's only natural that they realise hidden feelings in the midst of disaster - but where are Heechul and Sungmin? Prince Jongdae -a patron of the arts- finds himself attracted to a handsome dancer.

"Heechul ssi, when is your group going to comeback?

My band already did you know." "I wish, but SM has to approve that we are ready to comeback.


  1. Page 3 of 8 - SUPER JUNIORcouple Hankyung + Heechul - posted in Korean Entertainment I hope no one have posted this clip here yet. It was so funny, Hee Chul

  2. We leave an empty space for Hankyung. My one dream is to stand on stage with all 13 of us and perform before I leave for the army. I hope for it to happen. My one dream is to stand on stage with all 13 of us and perform before I leave for the army. I hope for it to happen.

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  4. Sweet Dreams- Heechul x Kyung Hoon Fanfiction Kim Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon were more than just best friends. Little did Heechul know that Kyung Hoon had a crush with him since the very beginning and had been keeping it a secret. When Heechul starts dating, Kyung Hoon has no choice but to end.

  5. Heechul is not gay. He had a few girlfriends before, but their relationship just didn't really work out. Hankyung and him were really good friends from before debut so over 5yrs of friendship.

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