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It has also undertaken the task of reviving some of the outstanding literary works in Arabic. 5 Hajj or Pilgrimage (Every muslim should at least once in lifetime go for pilgrimage provided he or she is physically and financially capable). People such as the Jews and Christians to whom prior revelations were made are called the "People of the Book". The government found it necessary, however, to tap this fund during the Iraqi occupation. Animal life in Kuwait is sparse even more so after the devastation caused by the Gulf war.

Every literature, audio, video and any other media coming to Kuwait from abroad has to pass through the Censorship department of the Ministry of Information. Non-muslims living under Islamic Government are regarded as Ahl- Addimmah (Protected People) and are allowed to practice their own faiths. There have been infrequent sightings of gazelles, foxes and the very rare Civet Cat.

Just east of this is Terminal-2, the main passenger terminal. Elsewhere in coastal areas large patches of salty marshland have developed. Islamic law (Shariah) is the major source of legislation. It not only provides a complete way of life and guidance for the whole of mankind but defines every aspect of life through social, commercial, political and judicial sets of rules. Tomatoes, radishes, melons and cucumbers are the main crops of Kuwait. More importantly, the entire demand for fresh fish is met locally.

The Terminal-1 for short-haul passenger flights and freight, and has nearby cargo handling and storage facilities. The Al Zawr Escarpment, one of the main topographic features, borders the north-western shore of Kuwait Bay and rises to a maximum height of 475 feet (145 meters) above sea level. Quran is the holy book of Islam (every verse of the Quran is explained in the Hadith or Sunnah). The Government has sponsored experimental farms where plants are cultivated on a gravel bed and are nurtured with special fertilizers and water.

Issued in 1980, this law deals with generalities about the law and its applications; it stipulates that if the law does not cover a certain area the judge must resort to the established customs and traditions of the country, and if this does not help the judge, he must resort to the Islamic Sharia and his own juristic reasoning depending upon the case and its elements. However it is strictly forbidden to propogate any other religion besides Islam. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for external security and its army, navy and airforce are among the most comprehensively equipped in the world. Small mammals such as hares, rabbits, jerboa, rats and mice are a more usual sight.

RIGHTS Two types of rights are mentioned in the law they are moveable and immoveable rights. The Ministry of Interior is responsible for internal security. The bird life in Kuwait includes the Desert and Hoopoe Larks, the Flamingo and the rare Brown Necked Raven.

These contract forms are considered binding by law unless proven that one of the parties did not have the chance to review the contract where major stipulation are unacceptable. A cheque given in payment for a debt will not clear the debt till it is paid by the bank.

But if the clauses of the contract are insignificant then the judge will resort to common sense, justice and customary practices. The bank will bear responsibility for any cheque that has its signature, or any other information on it, forged without any negligence in the part of drawer if he does not take good care of cheque books, and does not immediately inform the bank about lost cheques.


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