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The North's red mark is exactly located on the figure 63. - Dimensions: 70 x 68 x 20mm - Weight: 210gr - Serial no.: 44 PROFILE - Raffaelo Nistri (read OMI in Aero Compases) was an Italian engineer. PROFILE - NV Ltd OBSERVATOR was a Dutch manufacturer located in Rotterdam, created in 1924, bought by Kelvin Hughes in 1996 (read in WIKIPEDIA: John Lilley & Gillie).

They produced also other instruments like sextants and ships compasses (see this category).

Technical data - Diameter (lid): 54mm - Depth: 35mm - Weight (empty): 180gr - Divisions: 6400 mils, counter-clockwise - Paint: grey, rests of green paint Manufacturer: some items are signed AINSWORTH. The original model (designed and built in 1942) was officially modernised a first time 2 years later (Mk II, 1944).

Official user instruction available (go to our SHOP) MAGNAPOLE was the designation of some hand-held marching compasses designed and sold by SHORT & MASON Ltd solely and of pocket compasses in cooperation with TAYLOR. At some unknown later moment the remaining items were transformed again. Above: The crystal was secured by means of a wire feather. PROFILE - Short name of the company which was the first French mail order retailer created in 1885. The models shown are (among others) a boussole directrice, a Bzard, a Peign, a Lemaire, a Souchier etc.

It seems that this company produced the earliest Verner's pattern prismatic compass known to date.

It was designated Mark IV and featured a mother of pearl card with a single row of figures. Technical Data - Materials: brass case, mother of pearl card - Divisions: 360 deg. x depth): 53 x 16mm - Weight: 130gr - Markings: Manufacturer's name on lid, no.

This compass type is said to have been issued to the North-Vietnamese troops during the independance wars (fought first against France, then against the USA) despite the language used for the word DIRECTION (IRNY) and the cardinal points (see MISCELLANEOUS). A small version identical to LUFFT's Model I was manufactured by GAMMA. Morin had this picture printed in the greatest French Encyclopedia The compass also called boussole directrice in the Morin catalogue 1930 (see picture at right) is described in the department of Pocket compasses (entry MORIN) because of its shape and some similarities with other instruments (see LUFFT, BUSCH etc.) although it is a marching compass as far as its function is concerned.

It was the standard compass of the French WW1 soldiers.

- Markings: on reverse: (S/N) 94 and MERIDIAN - With leather case - Adaption to various declination values by rotating the glass window with red lines. It was the basic design for the Polish KM32 (also called MK32) first produced by GERLACH, then by JEZNACKI (check these names). Read the complete user instruction of this instrument in the French Army in the booklet (IGN, 1943). Picture: (1933-39) - Bakelite case with a mirror cemented in the lid and a table made of German silver - Designer: Charles Collignon - Manufacturer: Houlliot - Transparent capsule base plate made of Rhodoid - Radium markings (Socit Franaise d'Energie et de Radiochimie, 51-53 rue d'Alsace, Courbevoie).

The chapter ring was flat and could be rotated by hand by means of two tabs located at 90 (E) and 270 (W) deg. Below: View of the card's divisions through the side window. ) - Casing date: 1944 - Material: brass, traces of black paint Model ME 502 - Mk II Technical Data - Dim. in Czech language) who produced in the 1930's-40's a Bzard-type compass.

At each end of the vertical black line is a small arrowhead of radium paint. & weight: see above - Divisions: 3 mils on a flat card, 360 on the (concealed) old ring and the upper new ring - The design date (1944) has no significance on these modernised versions. The same instrument was also produced by ŠP (before this company was taken over by MEOPTA? This company's confidential manufacturer code during the communist era was Technical Data - Dimensions: 80 x 52 x 20mm - Divisions: 360 deg., clockwise - Cardinals: read Miscellaneous / Cardinal points / Czech - Side ruler: 70mm - Weight: 75gr - Dial and needle: Bzard-type - Materials: Casing made of bakelite, lid and mirror made of steel - Markings: MEOPTA (logo) Made in Czechoslovakia PROFILE - Former Swiss company located in Ettingen (for more information click HERE). Technical Data: see BARKER - MK III ( The compass type called Modle 1922 was utilized within the French Army and Gendarmerie (road police) from its start shortly after WW I as a successor for the boussole directrice utilized by the infantrymen. ) in the instructions manuals for infantrymen (Manuel du grad d'infanterie - see picture at right - click to enlarge).

We don't know which kind of relationship existed between NIFE and A/B Lyth.

It was also built in a different version (with mirror in the lid) by SILVA.


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