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One example of what is probably a Hagstrom De Luxe III fits with what we know about the transition from Kent to Kent I to Hagstrom I.This guitar had the new Strat-style head, finished in natural.

Finally, logs suggest the Hagstrom I B was revived between ’71 and ’73, however, it seems strange the lucite-and-vinyl instruments of the ’60s would have been hip enough to market to the ’70s crowd.Then in ’65-’66 the name was changed again to Hagstrom I B, and 3,314 were made.Probably at some point these changed from the stubby Kent head to a more Strat-style.Except for the extra strings, this was identical to the Coronado I and was renamed the Coronado VI in ’65. From ’64 to ’65, Hagstrom produced another 2,001 Hagstrom De Luxe IIIs and 1,000 Hagstrom De Luxe IIs.Again, if the De Luxe pattern holds, that would indicate binding and block inlays, but this is far from certain.It also had the old Kent mini-Strat body, but it was not covered in plastic and vinyl, but rather finished in a solid color.It still had the logo on the upper horn, which fits with the Kent I, and it still had the old oval single-coils, now three, of course.A rheostat lever volume control completed the picture.This bass was called the Coronado 1 until ’65, at which time the name was changed to the Coronado IV, and the bass became a bolt-neck. Six-string bass and three-pickup guitars The Hagstrom predilection for interesting basses cropped up in ’63, as well, when it produced 97 Coronado II six-string bass guitars.As with the Cromwell guitars, “new” meant laminated alder bodies and birch necks.Most were made in red and blue, but about 20 were shipped in grey.


  1. The swedish based manufacturer Hagstrom builds electric guitars and basses since 1958.

  2. How to date a hagstrom; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Dating a 70's Swede

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