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Accept payment, send receipts and connect with financial services software.

Industries (click to jump straight to whatever you like, and please, forgive my bad jokes) B2B B2C E-commerce Education Events Financial Services Government Health & Wellness Healthcare Hotels & Tourism Nonprofit Publishing Real Estate Recreation & Leisure Retail Software and Internet Transportation & Storage Travel "Hi, I'm looking for a PHP developer"."Hello ubisend, we have 6 PHP developers in the London area, want me to send you their CVs? How about building a chatbot that helps people deal with questions on invoices, payments and overdue reminders via Slack or SMS.

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You've saved up all your pennies and want a nice break.

(FYI, it's your mother's maiden name.) Smash out a personal banking chatbot to stay up-to-date with your savings, current and credit accounts.

A nice niche chatbot that helps you to request or send bitcoins to buy stuff, pay back friends or invest (disclaimer: I have never used bitcoins before, you probably need to check I didn't just have a dream this is possible.) Talk to your council, government, country representatives via a chatbot.

"Hi, we've got two properties in Sweden, here's the link to view and book".

A chatbot that's basically Trip Advisor via conversation (if you do this and Trip Advisor comes after you, it's totally not my fault).


  1. Aug 7, 2017. Thousands of people are getting genetic tests, for everything from their cancer risk to their likelihood of passing on a disease to a child.

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