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Google maps real time updating not supported

There is a lot more information that you may need to know, but it will depend upon your application.

In the following sections, we have included migration instructions for specific cases that you may encounter.

Each section of the reference is designed to be read individually.

We recommend that you do not read this reference in its entirety; instead, use this material to aid your migration on a case-by-case basis.

Quite a lot has changed between v2 and v3 of the Maps Java Script API.

As you start working with the new API, you will quickly find that this is not simply an incremental upgrade.

Each Maps API object exports a number of named events.

Applications interested in specific events should register event listeners for those events and execute code when those events are received.

As part of your migration, you should either replace these classes with third party utility libraries, or remove these references from your code.Instead, the The Geometry Library provides methods to encode and decode polylines.See Libraries in the v3 Maps API for more information on how to load this library.Additionally, there are several resources that you might find helpful during the upgrade process.This section provides a detailed comparison of the most popular features of both version 2 and version 3 of the Maps Java Script API.The good news is that we've added a lot of great new features and improved the overall usability of the API from the developers standpoint.If you're planning to upgrade from the Maps Java Script API v2 to the Maps Java Script API v3, this guide will help you through the process, and call out some of the most common changes for users of the v2 API.(Consult the v3 Reference for details.) No // Passes an overlay argument when clicking on a map var map = new GMap2(Element By Id('map')); Center(new GLat Lng(-25.363882, 131.044922), 4); UITo Default(); Listener(map,'click', function(overlay, latlng) ); property of the control options.Positioning of these controls is not absolute; instead, the API will layout the controls intelligently by "flowing" them around existing map elements within given constraints (such as the map size).This event-driven mechanism is the same in both the Maps Java Script API v2 and v3, except that the namespace has changed from UI events often pass an event argument which can then be accessed by the event listener.Most event arguments in v3 have been simplified to be more consistent over objects in the API.


  1. Marker shadows are not supported in v3. v3 allows you to add real-time traffic information. var geocoder = new Geocoder; var.

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