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Now she no longer asked me if I was sure, whether she should change her mind and having dressed in a light short dress Jeanie set out to with the intention of seducing David and letting happen whatever would happen.I think I was excited as she was as I kissed her goodbye on her way to new sexual experiences.I could not wait for her to come into the bedroom and to hear what wild things she had been doing and to see her cum soaked knickers – if she still had them.She came in the bedroom and I immediately asked if she had enjoyed herself.

We enjoyed talking about this and our other sexual fantasies, however the recurring theme was always another man fucking her.As the hours went by I knew she must be lying on David’s bed with her legs up over his shoulders as he drove his cock deep inside my wife’s soaking wet quim.Jeanie got back about 4 o-clock in the morning but I was wide awake.While she was out I could hardly contain my excitement.I thought about where she would be at that time and she would be doing with David.One week she told me that she had decided that she was really going to do it. After two years of fantasizing and doubt whether to do it or not Jeanie now seemed determined that tonight she was going to have David fuck her.I said I thought that it was fantastic and said that I hoped she would get a really good hard fuck. I watched her prepare herself , putting on her make-up wearing her sexy french knickers and lacey bra that showed just enough of her nipples through the fabric.She let him take her upstairs where he undressed her gently dropping her clothes to the floor and now she was lying naked in this man’s bed ready, in fact aching for sex.He kissed her neck and ears and sucked her nipples which for Jeanie act like a sex switch that gets her pussy bumping and grinding. Taking his clothes off he got onto the bed with my wife, his cock pressing at her pussy.She said she would tell me all about it when she got into bed.She told me that when she got to his house they drank some wine and talked.


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