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In the 1980’s, Jonas was once the drummer for a Swedish black metal band called BATHORY named after Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed who has been labelled the most prolific female serial killer in history., Beyoncé and Lady Gaga go on a killing spree of their own.The “telephone” is a metaphor for Gaga’s brain and the fact that she is not answering that phone (her brain) means that she has disassociated from reality.The problem with Beyoncé is, you just never can tell if there is anything going wrong in her world.Recently, Nickelodeon star, Amanda Bynes posted a series of tweets about her father sexually abusing her and a microchip implanted inside her brain.The world leaders who attend Bohemian Grove appeal to the god of child sacrifice, Moloch. Occult Hand Signs , where he chronicles his work for the CIA as a spy and assassin all under the guise of a Hollywood producer.They claim they are summoning and seeing a demon when they do this. It is a fact that mind control victims are used for a myriad of things dealing in drug smuggling, spying, message relay, black-mail and assassinations.She sings: Until she actually comes out and admits that she been under mind control, which is almost impossible for a victim to even realize, we will have to examine the multitude of clues that would lead us to believe that Beyoncé has undergone Monarch programming.

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She hasn't had any scandals or meltdowns like the rest of the girls who you see with the same monarch symbolism.Luke, for abusing her sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally to the point where she nearly died.Meanwhile, Beyoncé testifies that she has a perfect life, but does she really?He recalls being made to act “Crazy in Love” with Beyoncé which meant being electroshocked while simulating sex with her.Other future stars he remembers meeting there were Jessica Simpson who was undergoing “ugly duckling” programming, and Rhianna who had to do it “under the umbrella”.Just like all of the other pop stars of the time, Beyoncé’s body of work is rife with MK Ultra - Monarch Mind Control symbolism.Unlike the other pop stars, however, Beyoncé is showing no signs of breaking down or even taking a break.There is even a logo that says “Poison TV” with a toxic recipe flashed on the screen.They count down in German while the entire clientele of the diner dies.In the video, Gaga is bailed out of jail by Beyoncé.Inside the car, which happens to be the “Pussywagon” from Tarentino’s movie can refer to a cheating boyfriend and can also refer to the permanent damage caused by the fragmenting of one’s personality in mind control. Beyoncé poisons her boyfriend and Gaga comes out of the kitchen with poisoned honey and serves it to the customers.


  1. Apr 27, 2015. Recently, Giorgio Tsoukalos, the guy better known for his wild hair and the alien memes, such as “I'm not saying it was aliensbut it was aliens.

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