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The Cognitive Load Theory has pointers to help you manage cognitive load.Whenever you ask learners to learn, memorize, and understand a novel piece of information, you place some load on the working memory.You may not be aware of the jargon, but you are up to your neck in it! Kudos to you, if you can manage to find what you need right away in the midst of spammy websites and pop-up ads.An hour of your favorite animal show on TV instructs you more on detergent brands and car makes than animal trivia.

Fortunately, you can keep this load under a tight rein.An algebraic problem may be extremely challenging, but it may not place a large cognitive burden on an audience who are experts in the subject.You cannot do much with the learning material to reduce this load. Extraneous load is created by the impediments to learning.For instance, a simple mathematical problem of adding two numbers places less cognitive load on the brain than a complex algebraic task.Intrinsic load is also determined by the prior learning or expertise level of the learner.The most effective way to maximize the performance of the working memory is to conserve its powers and direct these to process only the most critical pieces of information.You have to filter out the inessentials from the course and design the learning such that it is readily comprehended and assimilated to manage the cognitive load on the learners' brains.This refers to the inherent complexity of the learning material.According to Sweller, 2010, it can "only be altered by chanigng the nature of what is learned or by the act of learning itslef".A course that aims to teach fire emergency responses can either contain a scenario where the learner has to explore to find out the best options or plonk the tips in one long list.Using scenarios is the most effective instructional strategy for such a topic.


  1. At the end, the main idea is for you to reduce extraneous load to maximize the resources of working memory that are free to focus on germane activities.

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