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Gemstar guide plus not updating

Gemstar has not changed anything in the way of transmitting listings to its program guide either.

In any case we followed up with Thomson/RCA's engineering about these reports.

Does anybody know anyone who has a guide working currently??? I am just wondering if it is just certain areas or if everybody has the same issues. Channels did not match but after doing edit seems to be working fine.

Now have to wait to see if new down load over tonight works? Okay, my GUIDE Plus is now back on and functioning normally.

RCA's engineering believes a broadcasted program or ad from a television station across the nation is causing these problems.

They are analyzing video taped broadcasts of a few stations; including Spike TV which is the station some consumers are reporting causes their TVs to go into SAP.

Corporate Communication, Marketing & Government Affairs Eileen Murphy Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications (212) 852-7336 [email protected] Park VP, Communication & Public Affairs (212) 852-7589 [email protected] Guide Publishing Group Allison Bennett TV Guide magazine Director, Media Relations (212) 852-7464 [email protected] Guide Channel and TV Guide SPOT Georgia Juvelis VP, Communications (212) 626-2564 [email protected] enough outrage will spark some interest in fixing this problem.

Needless to say they didn't know didly so they talked to a service rep with the company and he claimed they are not blocking the signal that the problem is with the tv(sound familiar?? Can't be true because then atleast one of the tvs should still get the info. They gave me tech support number which advises me to do the same stuff.

I have attempted help through rca(thompson) and they did return email with 99999 solution. Ran diagnosis codes and ram and rom passed all else failed, Tech support didn't have a clue when I called back with info(test they told me to run).

Tried resetting guide plus using both the 99999 and the 00000 trick and then leaving the set off for 12 hours (which has always worked in the past), and leaving set tuned to "home" station (where satellite download apparently goes to), specifically in Los Angeles KABC, KCBS and KTTV. Given the number of people are experiencing this problem, can you please advise me of when you believe this problem/issue will be corrected, or at least what is causing this breakdown in service? We've received additional calls/emails from RCA consumers about their TVs "being muted" or going into SAP (secondary audio program, which makes it seem like the TV is muted on some stations).

The Guide Plus interactive program guide however has no means for controlling the audio of televisions.


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