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Full house the dating game josh

Anyway, DJ and Steve take them to some pizza place where Steve immediately starts eating stray leftover pizza that he finds on a table.

Damn, Steve’s obsessive eating is starting to be on par with Danny’s obsessive cleaning, or Joey’s obsessive general behavior that makes you want to punch him in his stupid face.

Josh asks Stephanie if she wants to go get pizza with him later and then it turns out that Steve and DJ are the only ones available to give them a ride.

The boys conveniently leave the scene so the girls can all have an exchange where DJ and Kimmie Gibbler point out to Stephanie that she’s about to go out on her first date.

DJ pulls Stephanie aside and Stephanie starts talking about that stupid magazine article again and how the date has to be perfect and that she needs DJ to direct her.

They go back to the booth and Stephanie tries to follow DJ’s lead, which leads to wacky mishaps.

Stephanie tries to downplay the situation but DJ assures her that Josh totally wants it, which makes Stephanie nervous.

Jesse refuses to take any blame for his shitty comments or for being a generally terrible person who treats women like garbage and then Joey invites Alison over to dinner, leaving the argument to be continued at the full house.

I think that Steve’s incessant eating must be an outlet for his sexual frustration.

Anyway, Stephanie forces Josh to sit with her in a booth with Steve and DJ and then DJ tells her to fuck off.

I grew up watching it and became obsessed with every episode.

To this day, I watch reruns and fall in love with the storylines all over again.


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  2. Dec 15, 2013. Full House S6 • E13. The Dating Game. friendly dinners into romantic first dates Josh takes Stephanie out for pizza, and Joey invites his boss.

  3. Comedy. friendly dinners into romantic first dates Josh takes Stephanie out for pizza. Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Scott Weinger, and David Loren in Full House.

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